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Monday, September 17, 2012

Week #12


Wood - Madeira
Fan - Ventilidor
Parmacy - Farmacia
Iguana - Teu
Stop - Pare
Window - Janela
Pan - Panela

What a great week!
Random thought...I think its weird that chickens don't have arms...

First I want to talk about one of our investigators! His name is Joabe and he is fantastic! We met him when we were going back home from a zone meeting and he was the city bus driver. When we were about to get off the bus he said ,"Hey what do you guys do?" So we told him and asked if we could get his address so we could teach him sometime. He said yes! So we've been teaching him this week and its been fantastic! He is so curious and has so many questions! I love it! It's so much fun to teach him and it's hard to leave for our other appointments! He is so smart and we can see that he really has a desire to learn about this gospel and receive an answer!

So because there is a man in our branch who raises chickens, we might be learning how to kill and prepare them! I'm so excited because if we do, then I will be doing something like what my dad did on his mission in Portugal! OH so we went to a members house for lunch on Saturday! When we sat at the table my companion asked what we were having and the member said pork and something else that I didn't catch. So we started eating and it tasted really good but about half way through the meal another Elder asked ,"what is this again?"and get this! WE WERE EATING BULL HEART! Bull heart and pork! So cool! I love these experiences!!

Saturday night it started raining! SO happy! It made everything a lot cooler and reminded me of the good old Northwest! BUT the really cool part was the lightning! HOLY COW! We opened the door and looked outside and at that exact moment lightning struck a tree about 3 or 4 houses down! It scared the crud out of us! Then there was a ton more, but far away, so my district and I took our chairs out onto the back porch and watched! It was fun! When we went back inside we realized the power had gone out. NOT good. because we don't have AC, we have fans. But without electricity the fans don't work! So we just laid there in the heat from about 10:30pm until 1:30am just dying. Then the power came back! We were so so so excited! even though we only got 4-5 hours of sleep...we got sleep!

Not much else happened this week! But I AM sending fotos! (in separate emails)

I want you all to know that I KNOW that this gospel is true! I wouldn't take two years out of my life to come thousands of miles, learn another language, and preach this gospel if it weren't true. I KNOW IT IS!

1 Nephi 9:6

Com muito amor,
Elder Laws

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