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Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #78


Random Thought: I have a 25 hour bus ride ahead of me.

Transfers: I have been transferred to a city called Sorriso where I will be Zone leader with Elder Pinheiro. It is 879 miles north of the current city that I am in. That is why the bus ride will take 25 hours. I have only met my new companion once so I'll give you more details about him later.

Well this week was pretty great!! President was really generous this year and gave us new years day off! So we got the entire zone together to have a barbecue and to do the secret santa we didn't get to do for Christmas. It was super fun and really brought our zone together. We also played soccer for a good chunk of the day and I really enjoyed myself this time. I thought I play really bad but this time I had a few of the Brazilian Elders compliment my playing. It was cool.

Also I saw the pictures of my family with and the awesome Nunes family from where I am serving now! It was so cool and it really made me happy. They brought me a package from my mom and I loved it! She sent me a book call Gethsemane. I read it in three hours it was so good!!! I learned so much and I really want to try and have a more intimate relationship with my Savior now.

One thing that stuck with me from the book is that in Marks account, the Savior was "sore amazed" at what he felt in the garden. The author went on to talk about how the atonement was so powerful and eternal that it made a living God feel the feeling of surprise. He had never before felt the effects of sin and now he was but not just the sins of one person but for all that ever have and will live! What a concept. I plan to reread the book on my long bus ride!

Other than that it was a normal week and we had a great time.

Mark 14:33

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Week #77


Random Thought: I am going to smack that dog.

So this week was great! There was Christmas, exploding toilets, putting in new toilets and gaining a lot of food from the members! AND there was a baptism!

Let me explain. last week we were visiting a recent convert family. There are two young men and they had a few backpacks full of fireworks. SO they decided to give us a few of the tiny ones that explode in water. We were shown that they could explode in water by one of the young men in the ward and he did it in the toilet as an example and what happened?...NOTHING. So later on we were using the little fireworks (you strike them on the box, like matches) and then I had the bright idea to try it in OUR toilet at home. Well our toilet is about 100 years old so when the firecracker blew, the bottom of the toilet blew out. Lame.... So I had to buy and install a new toilet. It was a pain and there were a lot of road blocks along the way, but its done and working great!! Yes I learned my lesson.

Christmas was awesome!!!! I received the BEST present from someone special, talked with my family and again I want to say something about each one.

Dad: I think you might have gained a couple of pounds but I still am not as good looking as you. I loved talking to you and something I look forward to in these calls is laughing at new jokes we learned. All the young men here who saw you, think that you are awesome and told me that I was lucky to have a dad like you.

Mom: You are the best ever! I love talking with you and making you laugh. I do apologize for giving away a lot of the candy in my box. You take care of me so well and I hope you are seeing the blessings that come from that.

Asa: You are crazy! I always love talking to you in Portuguese but your accent is getting more American. You were and are a great example to me and I can't wait to hang out with you again.

Kati: You are growing up and I am so excited that you will be going on a mission!! Remember that right now Satan will use everything to get you to stay home, INCLUDING boys. Remember that you already got an answer that you are to go and DO NOT to let anything stop you. You are such an amazing young woman and I am so excited to see what your mission brings.

Hanna: You are a funny girl. Mom tells me about how college is going and I think it's awesome that you are liking it so much. You look like you are growing up more and I can't wait to get home and squeeze you!

Saturday we had a baptism and yesterday we had her confirmation. Her name is Anna and she speaks English fluently. The day we found her, I was praying for us to find someone to be baptized and then while walking in the street, her mom stopped us and told us to speak English with her! She is really progressing well and is even talking about serving a mission.

I love you all so much, and more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!

Ephesians 6:16

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Week #76

Random Thought: They light fireworks for Christmas here!

Well folks there really isn't much to share! My companion was sick for three days and we didn't do a whole lot. Although it gave me time to start making a couple of presents for President Reber and his wife! Pictures to come! The following is a note for my family to be read on Christmas Eve at the family party.

Hello family!

This is my last Christmas on the mission. Crazy. Anyways, I wanted to write a little something to all of you for the Christmas party.

So let me tell you something. I know some of you already know this, but the mission is hard. I wake up every day and basically my job is to worry about everyone I come into contact with and not myself. It's kind of an awesome learning experience. There are sometimes when I miss you all like crazy and others where I feel like I could stay here another two years. I have met and taught people who have so much money that they burn it to heat their houses. I have also met and taught people who are so poor that they dig in the trash to find enough half eaten, rotten food to feed their families.

Anyways, the reason I am saying all of this is because around 2014 years ago, the Son of the living God came into the world for ALL these people. Sometimes I see these people and want, with everything within me to help them and give them ALL that I have. But I can't. I have to realize that I just can't do as much as I'd like. BUT Jesus Christ did. He was born because he felt and feels the same things I feel but at a level that is incomprehensible. He was born to give a gift that ALL people need and that brings the sweetest of peace and everlasting happiness. Forgiveness and eternal life.

May we all remember this and help others come to the same knowledge and remembrance. What is the true meaning of Christmas?

That's it! Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Articles of Faith 13

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Translated letter - Dec. 16th 2013

This letter was sent to Elder Laws mission pres, President Reber, on Dec 16th. It was forwarded to us by Sister Reber, Romans mission mom. Such a blessing!

Hello, my name is Elder Michel Vieira and I am a return missionary ( porto alegre south mission in Brazil), and today I am a member of the high council in our stake in Brazil.
I am sending this email to CONGRADULATE your missionaries. They are wonderful in our ward, the zone leaders LAWS and MAUGHAN. They remind me of the mission I served; not that I am trying to give myself an ego boost or anything like that, but they really serve the members of wards 1 and 2.
We have already have worked a lot together and sincerely, it have been quite some time that we have received missionaries who are so well prepared, happy, and always asking us: WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?! My sincere congrats President!
On my mission, I was the secretary to the mission and the assistant and I know how to recognize when a missionary knows how to work with members to have success.  Everyone should have this vision: Work with the members.
Merry Christmas, and if you need help, we are here to serve.
A big hug,
Elder Michel Vieira

Week #75


Random thought: I love Sushi. Also Mom if you could send tomato soup (Campbells) I would be grateful.

Mid Transfer, Transfer: They are doing a mid-transfer, transfer to send home all the missionaries that are due to go home around the holidays. They are making sure to get them home in time and I'm sure it saves the church some money to do it a week or so early to avoid the holiday airfare rush. I am staying here in Ponta Pora with Elder Maughan.

Wow so this week was a bit rushed. President called last week telling us that he and his second counselor would be here Monday night and Tuesday. He said that on Monday night he wanted to do divisions with us to visit less active members. So we scheduled two visits and I went with President Reber and Elder Maughan went with President Oliveira! The visit we did was with a young man who is preparing to serve a mission in February. His name is Patrick and he is having difficulties staying active. So we had a wonderful visit and then President Reber invited him to serve a "mini mission" for six weeks and try it out. He still hasn't given an answer but I think it'll be yes.

Tuesday was our zone meeting because President Reber was going to be there. He also told us not to tell our zone so it would be a surprise. It was an awesome meeting and I am super happy with the results.

Another thing going on here in the zone is hectic sickness! We have one Elder who's eyes are giving him a lot of trouble and we had to get him medication. And another Elder has been in the hospital since yesterday. Turns out he had an intestinal infection. But all is well now and he is doing great. He will probably leave the hospital today.

Also we had a baptism!!!! Senhor Luiz! He is great and we were so happy! His family was too and we might baptize them as well! On Friday there was a wedding!!!! Elder Maughan and I were invited and it was awesome! Everyone was telling us not to get trunky and that our time would come soon. But the reason I wanted to share this with all of you is because of what was said at the wedding. The Stake President married his daughter to his new son-in-law and he said this,"Love and TO Love are two different things. Love is a feeling that one has for another person that compels him to doing things for the other person, and ultimately TO Love the other person. When you love someone you need TO Love them to express your feeling of love."

I don't know if I got what I tried, across, But the invite for all of you is not only love your neighbors but TO love them as well.

Abraham 1:4

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws