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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week #4


"Look what I drew...A wedding dress!"

So I decided that while in the CTM I'm going to start my letters with quotes from our dumb quote wall! That quote was from Elder Kahl (only his quotes are up there).

Alright so I've got news! I am no longer a district leader. The Branch president decided that Elder Gillespie should be the district leader instead. But all is well because I am now the AP! (assistant to the branch president) I love it because now I get to talk to and help other districts besides my own! I'm going to try my best and rely on the Lord and hopefully I will do the job right.

Other districts left this week and it was kind of a bummer because we got really close, but they were so excited and ready! It makes me so happy and excited for when I get to go out and get to work in my area in Cuiaba! I asked a couple of these Elders if they would write a message in my journal. Elder Reese, who was the AP before me always writes super SUPER small even the branch president made fun of him! So when I went to read what he wrote me I had to sit and interpret for about five minutes! He was such a great example to me and I hope to be at least as prepared as he was before he left!

So there is a thing here called TRC which is where you practice giving a lesson to either members or missionaries who have been here a while. They film the practice so you can watch it and figure out ways to improve your teaching. It was SO exciting this week! My companion and I committed them to go to church and to baptism! It was so wonderful and the spirit was so strong! ha and during the recording of this my companion coughed into his arm and a bunch of phlegm ended up on his sleeve so he put his other hand over it until the end! I had no idea until he told me later! It was hilarious!!

My companion Elder John is from Idaho Falls! He has a huge desire to do this work and has a good sense of humor. He is also kind of a klutz. While we were in line the other day he accidentally dropped a plate and it shattered all over the place and the first day I was here he accidentally went into the girls bathroom and didn't realize until he came out and our whole district was clapping for him in the hall!

There is a great thing I learned this week that I want to share with all of you. Some people ask why we need a prophet to receive revelation in this day in age. Well part of the answer to this question is that because of new technologies and more wicked people. We have the unfortunate availability to commit sins that ancient and not so ancient people weren't able to commit. With constant revelation from the Lord to a prophet we can stay on the straight and narrow path much easier. This is by divine design. I know that we have a living prophet that helps guide and direct us in these days.

I'm going to start ending my letters with a scripture!
This weeks is...1 Corinthians chapter 13, verse 11!

Com muito amor!
Elder Roman Laws

Monday, July 23, 2012

Week #3

(This was last weeks letter but we were at a family reunion and I couldn't get to my email to forward it to you)


This week FLEW! Let me explain. Every week on Wednesday we get new American missionaries and for the first week they all wear blue dots on their badges. So today we got another group and I thought no way more blue dots already!? They are awesome though!

My Brazilian and Chilean roommates left yesterday and that was a huge bummer! They only have to stay in the CTM for three weeks because they already know the language. We got so close and I am really going to miss them! Its all good though because they are going to Cuiaba also and we will see each other again!

Cuiaba...EVERY time we tell Brazilians that we are going to Cuiaba the first thing out of their mouths is,"ai! Muito quente!" (ah very hot!) it makes me nervous because I struggle with heat but I know that I was called there for a reason and with the Lords help I will forget myself and get to work! (right dad?)

As I was leaving sacrament meeting on Sunday, the sister who was playing the piano stopped me and asked if i had an older brother in Manaus! Crazy right!? Turns out that she is going to Manaus had been following Asa's blog all along! She loved his blog and she said it helped her be more comfortable coming on a mission.

My district is awesome and we are getting really close. In our classroom we made a "quote wall" for all the dumb things we say. Only one elder has his quotes up there and we all give him a hard time about it but he's a big guy and loves joking around!

The language is still coming along! We aren't fluent by any means, but we know enough to talk to Brazilians here if they slow down there speech! Sorry for the short letter this week, not much happened. Tell everyone at the reunion Hi from me.

I love my mission, I love the CTM, I love my district, and I love the Lord!

Com amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Mom- My mail box is 25 and my district is 26-A. OH! guess what! in my district there is a certain Elder Bertha. He was in the same ward as Randy and Caroline Johnson and totally knows them! Tell them!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week #2


Here we are again! The week has been fantastic and I have learned so much but first some of the people from home are asking what I do all day while I am here, so let me explain.

I wake up, shower, then personal study from the scriptures and "Preach My Gospel". Then breakfast, then I study again until lunch, then class until dinner, then class again until the end of the day! Our instructors teach us how we need to teach and to speak the language! Its great!! Almost every day we do a practice lesson and on the weekends we do a practice lesson with members. Its really fun and there is always something to work on.

Now about the city of Sao Paulo! This place is huge...like really huge...like 19 million people huge! We take a bus to the temple every p-day and it amazes me that so many people can be in the same place! It is kind of crowded and theres a lot of poor neighborhoods around the CTM (Center for Training Missionaires), but all the Brazilians are the most friendly people I have ever met! As soon as you start a conversation they talk to you like you've known them forever!

My roomates really help me with the language and they always love to learn English! A ton of the brazilians here are going to Cuiaba (my mission) so its likely that I will be companions with some of them! Oh that that reminds me! Asa's favorite soccer team is the Sao Paulo Palmeiras! One of the Elders I talk to and spend time with daily PLAYED PROFESSIAL for them for two years before his mission! I got his autograph and everything!

The sisters missionaries here are awesome too! Two of the sisters that arrived here with my district decided to come up with daily sterio-types based on the way we look. They only tell us one a day. Yesterday I was told I look like I was either on the Student Council or Air force ROTC. I dont even know what that means but ok! (Must have been the haircut - high and tight!!)

Anyway, I love it here, I love my mission, I love this work, and I love you all sooooo much and more than that!

Com amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Mom... study Mosiah 4 its the best!! and tell dad to study Mormon 9!

LETTERS ARE THE BEST! Please have Bro Fanning do the combined mutual I was telling you about where all the youth write the missionaries from our ward! HANDWRITTEN! Also, tell everyone I love them and that I pray for them every day!

I love you momma!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week #1 at the CTM


Alright BIG news! The Lord has called me to be the District Leader in the CTM! It's some responsibility but I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve!

So first, my companions name is Elder John! He's from Idaho Falls and he is pretty sweet. He has trouble learning the language though so I try to help him as much as I can! My instructor said that the language is coming easy to me but I'm not so sure. But I do love it and I am trying so hard to be able to speak it! It's a big help to be able to talk to Brazilians too. One of my roommates is Brazilian and he is so so cool! He is always saying "I love you Elder Laws!" because I make him laugh.

I have no complaints at all! I absolutely love it here and I am learning and growing so much! The food is good, the rooms are a bit crammed but still ok!

Israel Martins is awesome! When I got here he came and gave me a big hug and a ginormous bag of Brazilian candy! (Brazilian chocolate is not very good) My instructors are awesome!! They are Irmã Da Silva and Irmão Zamignani!

Funny story! Last night one of our instructors was teaching us Portuguese and my companion was having trouble with pronunciation. So our instructor says,"your pronunciation is great compared to my English. My English is terrible compared to your Portuguese and I've been studying it for two freaking years!" Ha its way too much fun to learn the language!

Today is P Day so we walked around to look at the shops and stopped in a sports shop and the Brazilians that work there are awesome! They taught us some words, joked around with us and talked sports! It was so much fun!

Anyway, I love the language, I love the people, I love the gospel and I love the lord! I can absolutely feel that this is right and that lives will be blessed because of it!

Com amor,
Elder Roman Laws