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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week #47


Random Thought: I still don't have Spiderman light up shoes.

GREAT week!

So Elder Paredes and I started off the week by talking about the work we are doing and how we can do better. Then we decided that we were going to rock it this week! And then.......WE DID!!

Tuesday we started doing contacts like mad men and one of the first doors we knocked on opened. We said hi and introduced ourselves and our purpose and she let us in! As we walked in there was a man already there on the computer so we asked him his name and if he would like to hear our message as well. He said yes! So we started teaching and in the middle of the lesson a woman showed up. Let me explain here. The woman who answered the door is Maria and the man who was already there is Elton, her son in law, and the woman who showed up half way is Jussara (JOO-SAH-RAH) Maria's daughter and Elton's wife. So we finished the lesson and asked if they had any questions or comments or anything to say and Jussara spoke up and told us that it was weird because the day before, she saw us walking in the street and said to her husband that she wanted to hear what the Mormon doctrine is and then we showed up! She was really curious as well about The Book of Mormon and wanted to know more so we marked another day to go over there and talk about the book!

We went there later in the week and they had already read the pamphlets we had given them and Jussara even said,"These pamphlets were cool because every time I finished reading a part I wanted to know more so I wanted to go on to the next part." Then we left The Book of Mormon with them and made sure that they were going to church on Sunday.

On Sunday they went to church, and it was AWESOME!!!! Elton participated in Elders Quorum by answering questions and even raising his hand more than the members, to comment on things! Then when him and his wife were in Gospel Principles class, the lesson was about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how it helps us and how we feel it. In the middle of the class the teacher was talking about his experience when the missionaries taught him and he said that it seemed like when the missionaries left the Spirit left too. Jussara put her hand up and made this comment,"It's funny that you mentioned that because that's what we are seeing right now. The way they teach and the things they ask of us are different than other missionaries or preachings we have already heard. We are also seeing this here at the church" People this family is ELECT! This week the plan is to mark their baptisms!!

Also throughout the week we have been teaching a different family.They are wonderful and are so loving and giving. The other night Roselene, the mom, invited us over for dinner so we accepted and went. The food wasn't anything fancy and their house is a little small but it was wonderful we talked a lot about them and their family and about the gospel and at the end we left a message. It about Christ like attributes and how there family is really good at having charity and sharing it with us. Then I had a strong impression from the spirit so I followed it and said,"Do you have faith in Jesus Christ and do you have faith that we are representatives and servants of him?" They answered yes to both so I said,"Then as a servant of Jesus Christ that whatever you ask of the Lord for you family right now that is good, you shall have it." Please pray for them.

I want all of you to know that this Gospel is true. Jesus Christ directs this church and this work and nothing can stop it.

Mosiah 13:1-4

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week #46


Random Thought: I met Scooby.

Great week!

Wednesday we finally got electricity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week we have been working a lot with one of our investigators who was baptized on Saturday! Larissa! She had been an investigator for months and finally decided to be baptized!!! She asked that Elder Paredes baptize her and that I confirm her. Everything was done this weekend and now its up to the ward members to keep her going! They are going to do a great job!

Because Larissa was being confirmed on Sunday, her mom and grandpa came to church with her and now have questions! One question her grandpa asked me was about people who died without being baptized. So we talked for a bit and I taught him about baptisms for the dead and how everyone will get a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in Heaven and to choose for themselves. Well he knows the bible very well and I expected a little bit of argument from him or maybe just more questions but he just nodded and said,"That makes sense." Then we walked to sacrament together. The other Elders are going to start teaching him now because he lives in their area.

This week we have been having a bit of trouble motivating people to go to church and such. I may have mentioned this before but I was thinking about missionary work and I remembered a talk I heard by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that talks a lot about why its hard to do this work and he is exactly right! Why isn't missionary work easy? I came up with an answer in my own words. Imagine the following situation:

Elders (or Sisters): Hi! We are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we have a message about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will change your life for the better if you live it! BUT living the gospel will be harder than anything you have ever done, or ever will do!
Person at the door: No thank you!
Elder Holland's talk was very clear that missionary work is hard because what we offer is salvation and salvation WAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE EASY. YOU HAVE TO EARN IT! For some people that is just too hard and the Lord has to prepare them. So I was talking to Elder Paredes this morning and we are going to experiment with any kind of way to contact that we can think of and see what happens with each one. I know we aren't the first missionaries to do this but we are excited to see what happens.

Sunday was my birthday! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!! It was a good day and I even got cake!! I like cake. Especially birthday cake!!

The rest of the week was pretty normal.

Mosiah 9:17-18

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #45


Random Thought: Asa convinced me to buy new sandals.

So another week without electricity! Not as big of a deal this week though because of our awesome neighbor! Why is our neighbor awesome? Well on Saturday night when we got home he came out because he heard we didn't have power so he brought out a giant extension cord to reach through our window so that we can sleep with fans and use a lamp at night! After he brought everything he said,"Anything else just let me know!" When he left I looked at my companion and said,"We need to pray." So we knelt down and thanked the lord for the kindness of a complete stranger.

This week was a little rushed as well because I had to buy the rest of our furniture, such as desks and chairs, but we got prices and purchased everything! Now we just have to play everyone's favorite game. The waiting game. I called this morning and we should have everything tomorrow afternoon! We are excited about this because to get pens and pencils and books we have to dig through our bags.

We also had a visit with the family we are teaching and they are just really great! This time we taught about The Book of Mormon and when we were done I asked what they understood from everything we discussed. He said from what he saw and heard that its easy to see that the book is true!!! Talk about a GOLDEN answer!!! So we invited them to read with the whole family and to pray about it! We are trying to get them to accept baptism but they said they want to go to church more first. Pray for them!

Speaking of baptism. We were supposed to have one on Saturday, Larissa, but due to personal problems she asked if we could move the date one more week. After listening to the problem we accepted! We are talking with her everyday to make sure everything is on track for this Saturday and then on Sunday she will be confirmed!

Now finally! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers, ESPECIALLY my mother! I want to take the time to publicly thank you mom for everything you have ever done for me. I have realized and remembered all of the ways I could have been better to you growing up, and I would like to say that I am truly sorry and that even though I am far away I still love you and continue to love and appreciate you more each and every day! I wish I could say more!!

Dad- How did you get so lucky as to be able to marry mom? You too are the best and I am so thankful for a father like you! Thank you for always getting after me or giving me advice and for sharing your funny stories with me. Você é o cara!!

Asa- Go on a date and get a wife. Also you are such an amazing example to me! One day I would like to reach the same level as you but when I get there you'll already be two more ahead of me.

Kati- You're growing up! We didn't get to talk that much but you are doing great and you're only getting prettier! Just work your tail off and you've got it made!

Hanna- You too are getting prettier! From what I hear you are rocking school and just ready to start life! Keep it up and congratulations on getting the job!!!!

Mosiah 7:11-12

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Week #44

(Sorry this is late - I just realized that I forgot to send this out that last week - HL)


Random Thought: I have two reals (Brazilian money) in my pocket!

Ha crazy week! So I learned from the power company That our electricity wouldn't be turned on until today so we went without it this entire week! That means no washer, hot water, light, fans or charging the cell phone! It still hasn't been turned on as of this minute but all is well and its an excellent time to develop more patience! Its actually kind of been funny because every time we go back to the house at night and in the morning we check to see if its on! I always trick my comp and say,"dude its on!" hahaha Also no electricity means that the guy who came by to put our beds and dresser together can't because he has a drill with a special bit to do it! So for now we are taking cold dark showers, living out of our suitcases and sleeping on mattresses on the ground! Its all part of the experience!

Last week a young woman we have been teaching for months decided to be baptized!!!!! So this week we have talking with her and scheduling appointments! WE are SOOO excited and the plan this week is to visit her every day until her baptism on Saturday!!! We are trying to plan it perfect with me and my comp singing and another Elder playing piano and we want the whole city there!! Anyways I am just happy about it!

On Thursday me and my companion were walking and he was super thirsty and saw a family getting home so we went over and asked for something to drink. It was kind of awkward because they had just arrived home and THEY hadn't even drank anything yet. Now I am not one who likes awkward situations so I just kind of stayed quiet at first. But we asked if they had heard about the church and if they already had spoken to the missionaries. They answered no to both so we asked if we could teach and then we taught! Well guess what happened!!!!!?? Nothing....they seemed disinterested. SO after the lesson we left invites to pray and to read and they said they would, then marked another visit with them for Saturday.

Saturday we went back to the same family and left another message and this time they seemed a bit more interested. We invited them to church and I decided to use a technique I learned for one of my zone leaders and asked for a ride from them, to church! They have a car so it worked perfect! They said sure and then we socialized for a bit, prayed and left!

Sunday morning we went to their house and they were already ready and waiting for us!! Holy cow I was excited!! We got in the car and were on our way! We got to the church and the members were PERFECT!! Everyone talked with them and they really enjoyed church!! After church the dad, Assis, told us that at night when we were done working in downtown, and with our church meetings to call him to come pick us up! YES! That meant an hour less of walking and more time to teach him!

So we went to lunch and ate piranha and through the rest of our day of work and church meetings and then called Assis for the ride! He told us he'd be right there so we waited and he came and got us with his wife! We had a WONDERFUL conversation in the car! We asked what they thought about church and he went off on how he loved it and felt a peace he had never felt before and before we asked if he was going next week he said that he would!!! AND he said to tell the members that they are welcome to pass by his house anytime!!!!!!!!!!! People this is the DREAM for us missionaries!! So now we are just super excited and going to work our tails off with this family!! Please pray for them!

Mosiah 5:5

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws