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Monday, December 10, 2012

Week #24


Random Thought: I made a key-chain out of a cow tooth.

Another great week on the mission! Tuesday we had a service project painting all morning. The colors they choose here...let's just say I wouldn't choose them. I guess I'm just not used to the exotic-ness yet. Anyway it was fun!

BENTO is the MAN!! We went to his house to see how he liked church. He said,"I loved it! I definitely want to keep going and I want my family there too." So I'm thinking that this is great! Now I'll ask about The Book of Mormon and we'll try to answer his questions. So I asked,"Remember that book we left you? The Book of Mormon? Wha..." He cut me off and said, "Yeah! The Book of Mormon! That is a really good book. It's definitely true. Can you mark some more parts for me to read?" Elder Bresciano and I looked at each other and just gave each other the surprised "are you kidding me/this never happens" look. Then we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked how Bento felt about baptism. So we were already ecstatic about the visit and then Bento says,"I don't think I want to be baptized this Sunday...but the Sunday after that I do!" WOOOO! This guy has got some serious faith!

Thursday had an amazing lunch with one of the member families and it was incredible. When lunch was ready we walked into the room and we were shocked! There was a TON of food! Like maybe more than we have at Thanksgiving back home! I just thought, "Wow she made all this for us. I am going to eat as much as I possibly can." It was nice. It felt more like the holiday season.

After lunch we went to visit an inactive family and it turns out the Dad there just got home from hernia surgery too! So we went in and talked with him, which was kind of funny because he was still drugged up from the surgery. Before we left we gave him a blessing and left him a foto of him baptism that he never received.

Thursday was also the birthday of Albert! One of the young men we just baptized a couple of weeks ago. So Elder Bresciano and I went to a store and bought him a white shirt and tie! On the way to his house we were stopped by a man named Sampaio. He asked,"Hey are you looking for me?" Elder Bresciano said,"We are now!" Ha we talked for a while and he asked us where we were from. We asked what he thought and he said that he didn't have any idea! We told him we are both American and once he found out he started speaking English! Now some of you may be thinking,"Why would he have to find out, of course Elder Laws looks American!" Well with my accent and how I look everyone here thinks I am German! Anyway we went to this guy's house and it turns out he is an inactive member because he works on Sundays, but that's going to change at the new year! So we are going to try and work with him and get him active again! We finally got to Albert's house after that and gave him his presents and he seemed pretty happy about them.

Friday we always have soccer at the church. While playing Elder Grantham and I jumped into the air at the same time and just slammed into each other. My knee hit his hip. So there was a huge mark on his hip and my knee got pretty messed up, but it's all good now! I'm walking fine and don't have pain anymore! Have a great week and say your prayers!

Moroni 7:5

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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