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Monday, May 13, 2013

Week #45


Random Thought: Asa convinced me to buy new sandals.

So another week without electricity! Not as big of a deal this week though because of our awesome neighbor! Why is our neighbor awesome? Well on Saturday night when we got home he came out because he heard we didn't have power so he brought out a giant extension cord to reach through our window so that we can sleep with fans and use a lamp at night! After he brought everything he said,"Anything else just let me know!" When he left I looked at my companion and said,"We need to pray." So we knelt down and thanked the lord for the kindness of a complete stranger.

This week was a little rushed as well because I had to buy the rest of our furniture, such as desks and chairs, but we got prices and purchased everything! Now we just have to play everyone's favorite game. The waiting game. I called this morning and we should have everything tomorrow afternoon! We are excited about this because to get pens and pencils and books we have to dig through our bags.

We also had a visit with the family we are teaching and they are just really great! This time we taught about The Book of Mormon and when we were done I asked what they understood from everything we discussed. He said from what he saw and heard that its easy to see that the book is true!!! Talk about a GOLDEN answer!!! So we invited them to read with the whole family and to pray about it! We are trying to get them to accept baptism but they said they want to go to church more first. Pray for them!

Speaking of baptism. We were supposed to have one on Saturday, Larissa, but due to personal problems she asked if we could move the date one more week. After listening to the problem we accepted! We are talking with her everyday to make sure everything is on track for this Saturday and then on Sunday she will be confirmed!

Now finally! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all mothers, ESPECIALLY my mother! I want to take the time to publicly thank you mom for everything you have ever done for me. I have realized and remembered all of the ways I could have been better to you growing up, and I would like to say that I am truly sorry and that even though I am far away I still love you and continue to love and appreciate you more each and every day! I wish I could say more!!

Dad- How did you get so lucky as to be able to marry mom? You too are the best and I am so thankful for a father like you! Thank you for always getting after me or giving me advice and for sharing your funny stories with me. Você é o cara!!

Asa- Go on a date and get a wife. Also you are such an amazing example to me! One day I would like to reach the same level as you but when I get there you'll already be two more ahead of me.

Kati- You're growing up! We didn't get to talk that much but you are doing great and you're only getting prettier! Just work your tail off and you've got it made!

Hanna- You too are getting prettier! From what I hear you are rocking school and just ready to start life! Keep it up and congratulations on getting the job!!!!

Mosiah 7:11-12

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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