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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week #62


Random Thought: I went for a two mile run this morning.

Well hello there! This week has been fantastic! Elder Maughan is the man and I am super excited to be his companion. We are best friends here on the mission and now we are just working our black socks off! I am super excited about it.

The first week of the transfer is a little annoying here as a ZL. We have a meeting in Campo Grande the first week of every transfer and that is very far away from Ponta Pora. So we had to leave our area at 5:30pm on Thursday and take a six hour bus ride. Friday we had an all day meeting with the president and then we got on a bus at 1:00am to get back into our area at 7:00am on Saturday! It was an adventure!

First when we got to the bus station I asked Elder Maughan for the phone and he told me he didn't have it. Oops! So we went two days without our phone. Then while we were on the bus I was talking with my companion and after I asked if he was feeling lazy, a book fell from the top storage right on his head! I DIED laughing! Needless to say the bus ride was fun.

Saturday we didn't get much done either because we were busy cleaning up a mess with all the baptism forms and then going to bed early because we didn't get much sleep on the bus. Out of the last 12 baptisms 0 of the forms were filled out right, so we had to go hunt down a bunch of information so we can send them to the office.

Sunday was great! We worked hard and got a lot done. At night we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and he is the man. He helps us so much and is a really cool guy. He also served in the US so he knows English. Something he said was that we need to work hard enough so that when we leave here, we leave a good impression.

Sorry for the short letter this week was just traveling and meetings. Not a lot time with investigators or teaching. More to come next week!

D&C 121:36

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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