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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week #52


Random Thought: One day when I am a daddy, I will have to clean my baby because she threw up all over herself and me...and for now I'm looking forward to it.

This weeks letter will be a little short because we had a zone conference this week. Tuesday we didn't have much happen because we had to leave for Cuiabá. BUT this time the bus ride was super fast and I had some good thinking time. Sometimes thinking is good.

Wednesday we had our conference and it was so great. The topic presented was how to become a consecrated missionary. There were six talks all about a different word that keeps us from becoming a consecrated missionary. Fear, Laziness, Pride, Disobedience, Discouragement, and Worldly Passions. The part I liked the most was about Laziness...because I am lazy. A Sister gave a talk about not being lazy and compared the mission to a process that eagles go through in their lives. I learned that eagles can live up to 70 years BUT to gain the last 30 years they have to go through a renewing process first. They have to smash their beak on a rock until it falls off, then they have to wait until it grows back and then rip off their own talons. Then they rip all of their feathers out. Sounds terrible right? They have to go through this if they want to live another 30 years. This process was compared to the mission. The mission is to completely serve the Lord by serving other people. IT'S HARD. BUT going through this process, it changes who we are for the better. There is also a lot of symbolism to think about when you compare the story of the eagles life cycle to our own. Pretty intense!

Saturday I decided we would do divisions. I went with Elder Combs in his area. I learned a ton. Elder Combs is leaving to go home here in three weeks. We had some great talks and became great friends just in the 24 hours of divisions. Honestly I want to become a missionary like him.

Other than that the week was pretty normal! Sorry for the short letter but I still love you!

Alma 27:17-18

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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