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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week #57


Random Thought: I love Pavé!

Well another fantastic week here in Brasil! We had two more baptisms this week and our zone is doing fantastic!

Monday we play a great game of soccer and I am terrible. I played hard though! Only to find out that I'm getting old :P. I payed for that game for about 4 days afterward. We also whet to this GIANT bigger than Costco place, called Shopping China. They have EVERYTHING there. Everything we have in the states and more! Peanut Butter! They have Peanut Butter! Everything is priced in dollars as well! It was pretty cool!

I don't remember which day it was but while talking to a few of our recent converts they teased us because they didn't get any presents from us after their baptisms. SO we decided to make a cake! Elder Groff made the cake and we he pulled it out of the oven it had only risen on one side because our oven is not level. How do missionaries fix that? We grabbed four of these little snacks which are like the equivalent of a Hostess Ding-Dong, crumbled them up a bit and then put them on the side that wasn't risen and then we put frosting on it! NEEDLESS to say that family loved our cake. haha!

Wednesday we had our zone meeting and it was my first time talking in front of the zone as a zone leader but it went well and I think I got the message across I wanted to share. I talked about confidence in our work. I suggested 5 things that we need to trust in. The Lord, The Spirit, our companions, ourselves in our callings, and our testimonies! There were a bunch of scriptures I used as well and it was fun to share with everyone.

After our meeting we had lunch and then I did divisions with the Elders in another house for two days. One day with one companionship and one day with another. We had some good talks and some good times. On the second day while walking with Elder Martins, a man stopped his car right next to us, stuck his head out the window and said,"Hey do you see that red house right there? Can you go there and wait a few minutes? I'll be right back, I'm just going to buy bread." We accepted and he left. Just like he said, about 5 minutes later he came back and invited us in! We sat down and he said,"Well what do you have for me?" Ha, we were surprised and talked a little bit and then just dived into the lesson. Him and his wife were super curious so we ended up teaching about baptism, the restoration, and The Book of Mormon! It was super spiritual and they said they'd go to church, and they did! I saw them at church and said hi. I really hope they decide to get baptized. Please pray for them!

These are just a couple of the good things that happened this week but I want to say that I love you all and that I feel so loved and special that people would actually take the time to read my letters. Now if you could ALL write me it would really be appreciated. You can use email! roman.laws@myldsmail.net

Alma 53:2

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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