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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week #60


Random Thought: It is 48° today. Something Asa never experienced on the mission.

Well it was a great week! On Tuesday we had a good day and at the end of the day we took one of our recent converts (Samara) to seminary. While we were walking I stopped talking and Samara asked,"Why aren't you talking?" Before I said anything Elder Groff jumped in and said,"He has this weird disease that sometimes his voice shuts off because his vocal cords won't move." He said it really serious so I decided to go along with it, just to be funny! She ended up believing us and asking Elder Groff how to sign different words to me. It was pretty funny.

On Wednesday we had our zone meeting in the morning. We heard about some problems with gossip going on in the zone so we decided to ask each Elder to come and talk to us one by one in another room and we ended up clearing up the situation. Words of advice to EVERYONE reading this. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SOMEONE OR SOMETHING SOMEONE IS DOING, TALK TO THAT PERSON DIRECTLY. DO NOT SPREAD RUMORS AND GOSSIP! As humans we have this nasty habit of telling everyone else what is going on EXCEPT the person who we need to talk to about it and it causes so many unnecessary problems and hurt feelings. This is one of satan's tools to cause contention and divide us. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN!

On Quinta (Thursday) we went to do a service project at a members house. There is a really cool guy there named Junior. He has this little train that he made out of a diesel truck and for work he takes people on tours, or people pay to have parties on the train. Well the train is also his normal car. He is the one who asked us to help him in with the service project so he picked us up in his train! I love this guy he is super cool and always gives rides and buys food for the missionaries. The next day we continued with the service project and then he took us to burger king! It was great.

On Saturday we did divisions and this time I went with Elder Paredes. It was really fun! We bought chocolate, we spoke English Spanish and Portuguese together, and I met some really great investigators too. One of their investigators is training and studying for a career doing the same things as CSI. She is specializing in the bugs that eat the body after someone dies. The next part of her training she has to kill a pig and do tests with it. Very interesting!

Speaking of pigs we also met a little pot bellied pig this week! I decided to name it Rodrigo, but then I found out its a girl...but I still want to call it Rodrigo.

I was missing the states this week and I was praying for a little boost from the Lord. Well that night with Elder Paredes we decided to stop and get a little dinner. So we walked in this little tiny restaurant and sat down and the first song that started playing was "Africa" by Toto! Elder Paredes knew the song too so we started singing at the top of our lungs and just laughing at each other. Then to our surprise then next song was "Love isn't always on time" by Foreigner! They played a bunch more familiar songs after that too and I was cured of missing the states. It's funny how the Lord works sometimes. Tender mercies!

On Sunday we were invited to give a training to all the priesthood leaders in Ponta Porã! It was really fun. The Stake President spoke, then Elder Groff and then me! The spirit was really strong and we all learned a lot. I hope we made an impact.

3 Nephi 30

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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