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Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter from Mario Nunes

All - I got this wonderful letter today from a member where Roman is currently serving and I wanted to share it with you. This man served a mission in the US 9 yrs ago so his english is pretty good! Such a tender mercy! The comments in parenthesis throughout the letter are mine.

Dear Laws family

How are you doing? Hope this email finds you well. My name is Mario Nunes and I'm the ward mission leader where Elder Laws is currently serving. Just want to send you some news about him.

We would like to thank you for you son. He's a stud missionary, truly working hard and helping everyone around him. Ponta Pora is small town with no more than 120,000 people (that's small?). But we are right on the border with Paraguay, there's just an avenue dividing both countries. The paraguayan side has 150,000 people living there.

Our ward has about 120 of members each sunday, Elder Laws is the zone leader together with his companion Elder Maughan. Right now its summer time, so is pretty hot down here and he's very tanned already. lol The ward helps a lot with lunch, rides and everything they can. We do have a meetings each sunday night and I'm in charge to take care about them, if they have food, clean clothes, clean house and of course good health. So please do not worry about him, he's eating well every day, walking a lot and smiling. He's a happy missionary and bishop and every member really love him. We share the same chapel with another ward and all the member from the other ward already love him, invite him for some dinners, activites, etc.

He got a nickname from the "bad "missionaries because he's too obedient (some of the disobedient Brazilian missionaries call the obedient american missionaries "delete"). He really follows the rules everyday as zone leader and this is why we love him. I got back from my mission 9 years ago, got married with Kelly who's a dentist and serves at the Relief Society Stake President and we have Isabela which is 4 years old. Attached you can see a pic we took yesterday.

I know he's going to be a blessing to your lifes again when he gets back home. So please be sure he's doing allright here, we're praying for him and watching over him every day. Let me know anything you may need from our side.

with love

Mario Nunes

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