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Monday, December 2, 2013

Week #73

Random Thought: It's already December!

Alright people there's not a ton to say this week! We are just busy teaching!!

Tuesday was a pretty normal we had a good day visiting around, preaching and teaching. Then at night after we got everything done and right before bed Elder Maughan wanted to do curls with the weights we have. It's one big bar with weights on each end. He wanted to do his max so he started going and I counted. He got to 135 before he put the bar down! Then we started teasing each other and I ended up getting up to do as many as I could. I got to 150! And then Elder Maughan got to 200 and beat me.....but it was fun and hilarious! Anyway I am explaining all this because we all know that when we do heavy exorcises there's always a consequence...pain! So the next day I DIED of pain! I literally could not open my arms more than half way. haha! Luckily my companion wasn't feeling well that day so we had to stay home! It helped me heal a bit but I haven't had zero pain until today. I feel like I'm getting old or something...

Friday we dedicated the entire day to doing contacts. It was cool! We marked a lot of appointments and it was fun talking to a lot of people. Right before that though Elder Maughan and I were talking and changing our plans and out of no where it got VERY cloudy and black and we thought,"Dang, now we can't do what we planned." So we knelt down and said a prayer.... Well not one drop of rain fell the entire day and we were able to go along with our plan just fine. I love that the Lord hears his missionaries!

Something I learned or re learned this week! We went to a members house and while leaving a message we talked a lot about trials. I want everyone to pay attention to me right now. TRIALS HAPPEN TO EVERYONE. We aren't perfect and we won't be, in this life. Trials happen to the bishop, the stake president, the prophet and they definitely happened to the Savior. Something that I have heard in my life is that when trials happen and you get knocked down...you need to get back up!! But for some reason something this member said hit me hard!!

"Not only do we have to pick ourselves back up, but we have to do it as fast as possible. The longer we are down, the easier it is to stay down. Satan uses these moments to get to us. We can't let him."

I had never thought of it that way. So to all of you I say GET UP AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

Moses 1

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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