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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week #86


Random Thought: You can't eat lunch without a lunch calendar...

Here in Brasil it is very common for people to live together and have kids together their whole lives and not get married. BUT there are three families that we are teaching and after talking with them all three are ready to get married!!! Getting married here is pretty expensive and that is always an issue with the couple we teach. So there is a certain process that can be done to get married for free that we are working through to help out these families.

I don't quite understand the whole process because the identifying documents you need are different here. Basically we get all of their documents and take them to the public defense office. They look them over to see if they need anything else and to make sure they are valid. Also they make sure that the couple doesn't make more than R$2,100 per month (about $1050 US per month). Then they make a documents saying that the couple is poor enough to marry for free and give it to us. Then we go to the notary office to get everything verified and then the couple will sign a few papers an wait 30 days then sign more papers then they are married!!!! We are excited for them.

Thursday President came to do interviews. In my interview he told me that I will not end my mission as a zone leader but that I will train. He said that he must have "another Elder Laws" in his mission and I was to train a new missionary to be just like me. Ha! What a compliment! I asked if I could ask to end my mission in a certain city, but he said he already knew that I wanted to end in Cáceres (it's my favorite area) and not to worry about it. We'll see what happens!

On Friday we had our zone meeting. We have three duplas training and they are fired up and ready to go. So at a zone meeting the zone leaders each give a training. My part was about teaching simply and clearly for others to understand EXACTLY what you are saying. It was really fun and I felt the spirit very strong. After the meeting we asked each missionary to share what they thought and felt during the meeting and everyone said they felt inspired and excited to work. It was great!

Well really that's all we did this week! I know that families are meant to be together forever and that is what we are helping other to do.

Ether 12:4

Com muito amor,
Elder Laws

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