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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week #37


Random Thought: When I die and meet the guy who invented air conditioning, I'm going to thank him and shake his hand.

This week was awesome, but also a little rushed, but it was awesome!

Monday night during our meeting with the President he said that we could have another P-Day on Tuesday because we didn't really get one on Monday (due to all the travel back from Vilhena), and that we were to stay with the same companions! Yeah President Reber is the man. So Tuesday was wonderful! Relaxing, writing letters, playing with a little tiny kitten that came to the gate. We were supposed to have a taxi at about 5pm to take us to our new house but it didn't get to where we were until 10pm! We were also told that day that on Wednesday we were to go by plane to Campo Grande to give a training of what we learned with the Manaus Elders during a Zone conference with two zones! Awesome!!

So Wednesday Elder Nascimento and I un-packed after lunch and got a room together for when we would return and then packed a small bag with both of our things and then left for the airport by bus at 5:00pm. We didn't arrive at the airport until about 7:30pm because of all the traffic. As we were walking around looking for the assistants we saw the arrival/departure board and we both got SUPER trunky. Why? Because Elder Nascimento saw a flight to São Paulo and that is where he is from and I saw a flight to Ribeirão Preto and that is where Sarah (my girl) is going on her mission. So we started talking and I don't know how, but we ended up inventing the game "Você é o cara!" or "You're the man!" to cheer each other up. It's simple. You just try to convince the other Elder that he is "the man". So we went back and forth saying things like,"No, you're the man because when I arrive with corn, you're already there with popcorn!" or "Fine I'm the man...the man that admits the truth that you're the man!" It's kind of like "your mom" jokes but intended to build each other up! It was fun!

Anyways we went to Campo Grande and on Thursday we had an almost all day meeting with the President and all the Zone Leaders of the south to present what we learned! Well we ended up coming up with a way to contact people and we call it "Contact Ben 3 (três)"! It´s like this:

Break the ice.

1. Ask if they have already been baptized.
- If no teach about that.
- If yes go to step 2.
2. Ask if they have already received the Gift of the Holy Ghost as well.
- If no teach about that.
- If yes go to step 3
3. Ask if they have already Heard about the Restoration of the Gospel.
- If no teach about that.

We are doing this now! Also My companion and I were able to help present it the next day at the zone meeting! I'm just so excited about all of it! Then we had another 12 hour bus ride and returned home Saturday morning, and worked Saturday and Sunday!
That's it for this week though.

D&C 88:124-25

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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