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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week #39


Random Thought: Cement is heavy.

Alright this week was really nothing too amazing. Basically three experiences that are note worthy.

One. I learned how to play a new game that is a lot like RISK but not nearly as long! Its called WAR. Its a lot like RISK wherein you have to conquer land and destroy the other players, but there are also objectives to complete and you even have airplanes to help! So we played it a lot this week in the evenings and my companion taught me how to play better. Its really weird though because now I keep looking at life like its that game. Why? Because you always have to plan way ahead of what you're going to do. You have to base your actions on what you are going to do, who its going to effect and how or what others reactions are going to be and how to get the desired result! So now when I enter into a house I think like that. If I say certain things, what will the result be? Anyways its really interesting, to me at least.

Two. We went to the house of a less active family and while we were there, we met a girl of twelve years old who had a MILLION questions about the gospel and its principles. IT WAS AWESOME! I've never seen someone so curious in my life! So we tried as best we could to answer all of her questions! As we were teaching her I realized that almost all the answers she was seeking were in the scriptures. Then it just hit me and I felt so dumb. DUH all of the answers are in the scriptures. I mean seriously think about it! DUH! So now I am reading the bible dictionary and looking up a lot of scriptures when I have questions! People the answers to your questions are in the scriptures!

Three. Transfers! SO I am still district leader and I have been transferred to Caceres! Its a city that borders with Bolivia (about 148 miles west of Cuiaba and 50 east of the Bolivian border). So usually we wake up the Pday of the transfer and go check our email to see when we will take our bus. Well I woke up to,"Laws!! I just got off the phone with the secretaries and they'll be here in 10 minutes!" SO I jumped out of bed and showered for 3 minutes then started packing! They showed up about five minutes later and I wasn't near done so they went to another house to grab other Elders and gave me time to finish. So they came back to get me and then we traveled a long car ride to the bus station. Then as I was taking my bags to the terminal one of the secretaries waved me down and says that there are protests on the highways and that I would not be leaving! So I am still in Cuiabá waiting to leave and I have no idea when the protests will stop! We will see!

Read the Bible Dictionary: Obedience

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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