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Monday, March 18, 2013

Week #38


Random Thought: Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy! A kid'll eat ivy too wouldn't you?

Alright to be honest this week dragged on a little bit, BUT we kept on working and got through it!

Monday night we had a fantastic family home evening with an awesome family in the branch! I have to admit it made me a little trunky though. Why? Because of the kids! I wasn't missing anyone or anything. I just kept thinking about how someday I want a family with a bunch of kids. I really like kids.

Wednesday was the Zone conference for the zones in the north! So my companion and I presented all the stuff from last week again (the same stuff that we learned from the Manaus missionaries). It was a lot of fun but this time it felt kind of rushed. I think thats just because we had already heard it. See whats happening is our mission is trying to change. Why? Our numbers are low but with things like this new "Ben 3 contact", our numbers are getting better! There was a dupla in our mission that got 100 new investigators in three days just doing this way of contacting! I am super excited to see how it will be by the end of my mission!

Saturday was the branch activity for the young men! The activity was awesome!!! The young men (about 5-6 people) and the missionaries showed up at the chapel at 8:00am. We all went in and had a training on how to do contacts in the street and then we did a "transfer" and the young men were assigned to be companions with the missionaries and were assigned "areas" within our area. Then breakfast! Then to work! The young man assigned to me was Thomas. He is only thirteen but he is super cool. While we were walking I asked,"are ya nervous?" He said," A little, I've just never done this before so I'm just nervous to talk with random people." Haha I just thought to myself,"At least you don't have to learn a new language!"

Anyway the contacts went great! As we were walking through a little park Thomas saw a guy on the other side and said we should go talk to him so we did! It turns out, they guy is trying super hard to recover from drugs and alcohol abuse and he had been clean for about a week. He's been going to meetings for it and he was super interested in being baptized and leaving everything wrong in the past. So he asked if he could be baptized the next day. Well in my mission its a rule that investigators have to go to church at least twice before being baptized, so I told him he could be baptized the week after! Well he accepted the date and came to church the next day! He is reading the book of mormon and gospel principles. Its super awesome!

That's about it! LOTS of work to do!! I love you all!

1 Nephi 18:3

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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