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Monday, April 22, 2013

Week #42


Random Thought: I like big dogs, not small ones.

Great week! Thursday the Zone leaders came to stay with us and do divisions for two days and it was awesome! Elder W. Santos was my companion for the day and we had some wonderful experiences. First, lunch was at that one far house where we have to cross the crazy bridge and the zone leaders thought it was super cool! So we took pictures with them there. Then we had a few appointments but the best one was with an old man whose real name I do not know! He just told us to call him Casquinha, which means little ice cream cone. Silly right? Anyways he is the dad of a recent convert in the branch and he's got some major problems with his lungs so he can't really leave the house. BUT he is progressing with he gospel! The first time we went there he had already read 124 pages of the Book of Mormon and when we went back on Thursday he had read up to page 334! This guy is great! He is also very intelligent and always has really good questions about how things happened in the book or where Christ was during certain parts of the book! Its wonderful! So we talked and taught for about an hour and a half before we left.

After that lesson we had to walk an hour back home so that we could get to our house and I could grab my white clothes before we went to the church for an activity! It was the same activity we did in Rondonópolis a while back where we made three rooms represent the three kingdoms of glory! This time I was in the Celestial Kingdom and then at the end we sang "Mais perto quero estar" or "Nearer my God to thee" and it was wonderful. Some people didn't even want to leave the room after!!

On Friday Elder Paredes and I left to work just like normal. We visited a family that was baptized a few months ago and they are the best! They always have great questions and stories about the Book of Mormon! The last time we were there they had questions about sins and their children and how if they don't teach and raise their children correctly they will have to answer for the sins of their children. So we used scriptures and stories to teach. This time we went there and they were super excited to share a scripture they had found just by opening the scriptures and just pointing to a verse. It was Jacob 3:10:

"Portanto vos lembrareis de vossos filhos, de como lhes afligistes o coração por causa do exemplo que lhes haveis dado; e lembrai-vos também de que podeis, pelavossa imundície, levar vossos filhos à destruição; e seus pecados serão amontoados sobre a vossa cabeça no último dia."


"Wherefore, ye shall remember your children, how that ye have grieved their hearts because of the example that ye have set before them, and also, remember that ye may, because of your filthiness, bring your children unto destruction, and their sins be heaped upon your head on the last day."

It was so wonderful to see the faith growing in them! They believe for sure the Book of Mormon is true! After that lesson was over we started walking and saw the neighbor outside the house so we did a contact and they invited us into the house to teach! So we did and they accepted baptism! Yes sometimes it happens that fast when people have been prepared by the Lord to hear his message! Well see how it goes now!

So I don't know when, but we were told that two more missionaries will be added to this city soon and that they will only work with less active members! I asked President if I could be one of those Elders to work with the less active members because I love it so much, but we'll see what happens. Sunday was great! We have a new ward mission leader who is great! We had a meeting right after church and he basically said he wants to get the members working more so that we don't have to worry at all about retention! He has a lot of good ideas and I am super excited to be working with him now! Right after that meeting we went to a barbecue we organized in the home of a less active member! We bought all the food and drinks days before and gave a message during the barbecue, to all the guests that attended! It was wonderful!

Enos 1:4-8

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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