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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week #40


Random Thought: What kills mosquitoes the best? Electricity!!!

Alright! What a hectic week!!! This letter will be VERY uneventful!!!!

So I will start with Monday even though I already talked about it. I was told I was going to leave at 2:00pm on Monday but then the protests started up so they canceled my bus and told me that I would travel on a later day. I went back to the area called Parque Cuiabá to stay with adupla until I could travel! So I stayed there on Tuesday as well and then on Wednesday the office called again to tell me that at 2:00pm on Wednesday I would leave!

So I packed up my bags and waited until about 1:45pm then I called the office to see what was going on and it turns out that the only cab the office ever calls (because he is a member and knows where all the missionaries live) was broken down! So they rescheduled my bus again to be at 6:00pm that night! Cool! So I went to go get a hair cut and visit with the other dupla and then we went back to the house. The cab came at 5:20pm and due to traffic and rain I missed my bus!! So I went to the mission office to see what they would do and where I would stay. My bus was then rescheduled...again for 5:00am on Saturday morning! So because I was with the office staff we didn't get to their house until 1:00 in the morning because it was the day of the transfers. So I decided not to sleep because I was getting up at 4:00am anyways! Well I stayed up all night and then showered then took all of my bags to the street at 4:30am to wait for the taxi. Well I waited and waited and then at 5:00am he hadn't shown up and I had missed my bus...again.

So I went back inside and told the office staff and they figured out that the normal taxi guy had called someone else to get me but he didn't show! So I went to the bus station with one of the secretaries to buy another ticket! The bus was now leaving at 9:00pm and the secretary was waiting in the bus station to make sure that I got on the bus! He reserved my seat with a different bus company than normal because the one we normally use didn't have another bus until 6:00pm that night. SOOOO finally I got on my bus at 9:00am on Thursday! As I was getting on the bus the secretary stopped me and said,"Alright remember that there are TWO bus stations in Cáceres. You need to get off on the SECOND bus station in downtown. ok?" I said ok and I was off! So at about 1:00pm I arrived to the first bus station on the outskirts of the city and thought,"Oh this looks cool! But I have to get off at the second bus station." So I waited. Then the bus passed through the city without stopping and I was on my way to Vilhena again! I got up and went to the bus driver to ask how far the next town was and if I could get off there and get a ride on the next bus that was going to Cáceres. He said that the next town was about an hour away and that i could get a ride on the returning bus at 3:00pm, so i decided to do that. BUT the next bus going back didn't show up til 6:00pm! I got on it and finally arrived in Cáceres and was picked up by the mission president who was already there. WOO!

Friday we had a great activity here! A barbecue with volleyball and swimming and soda it was awesome!!

Saturday and Sunday we worked normal and today we are p-daying it up!

I love you all! Remember to be patient because there could be a little Elder in Brazil in a worse situation!

Alma 47

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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