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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week #43


Random Thought: Always smile and be nice to the person who works at the DMV. They catch enough flak.

Great week!! Transfers! I am staying with Elder Paredes here in Cáceres.

Tuesday I received a call from the Branch President here in Cáceres saying that the Mission President wanted to put two more missionaries in this city. So after talking for a bit I learned that it was conditional to me finding another house and furnishing it for all six of us to live in. So Tuesday Elder Paredes and I went to look at houses and found one that was really good and pretty cheap. So we started preparations to have the mission office start the paper work and the next day, Wednesday we were told that the owner decided not to rent the house and that he was going to live there instead.

So it was already planned to do divisions on Wednesday and I was going with Elder Kennington, a greeny. So we spent the afternoon doing contacts and getting prices for fridges and washing machines and so on. It turned out to be a great day and we got a lot done.

Thursday we still hadn't found a house so Elder Paredes and I went house hunting again! We found one on a realtor's website so we went to their office and asked about it and ended up going to look at it. Turns out its PERFECT. Everything is new its kind of small and cheap! BUT its an hours walk from the church...so of course we chose it and started the paperwork! After doing everything I could I called the office and told them what I did and what they needed to do next and we closed the contract and had the keys in hand the next day! The finance secretary said,"Holy cow...that was the fastest contract to rent a house in the history of the mission." After getting the house we just had to get the electricity and water turned back on in the house. We finished up what we had to do today and tomorrow we move to the new house!! I am super excited!! This was great practice for the real world when I get home and get married!

Friday and Saturday were great because it was back to normal missionary work instead of playing house hunting monopoly. Friday we were walking and after getting rejected a few times we started praying for a miracle. Then we turned the corner and heard voices in a house and decided to clap there to see if they were interested in hearing a message. Out came two college girls (the college is super good here) and said we could teach them. So we put the chairs out in front of the house and taught a great lesson and they were actually interested in the message and not us! At the end we asked one of them to pray and while she was praying one more girl showed up. She didn't hear the message so we asked if we could come back on Saturday. They said that "coincidentally" they were going to have a study group there on Saturday and that we could come by right after they were done studying. So we marked and were on our way.

Saturday we went back to that house and had a lesson with EIGHT people all from different houses! They all participated in the lesson so we are excited to see what happens!

Sunday we waited at church in the morning and out of nowhere a young man we invited to church ONCE, just showed up! It was super cool! So we took him in and stayed with him throughout the meetings.

Today we were asked to go speak in a school about the differences in the US and Brazil. Nothing prepared or anything but more of a question answer session. It was soooooo much fun! They asked all about the government and health care and houses and security it was a super interesting experience! There was also a young woman from Germany answering the same questions!

Anyway this week was fantastic!

Moroni 10:33-34

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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