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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week #65


Random Thought: My companion likes to hurt me with baseballs.

So we had a kind of a hectic week this week! Monday was an awesome p-day but it was cut short because we volunteered to help some members move to another house. It was super fun but I didn't get to email with my family as much and I would have liked this week. ALSO HANNA I'm calling you out! You are writing my COMPANION more than me now. Unacceptable...unless you marry him...that would be freaking fantastic! He's the Maughan (man...inside joke).

Anyways, Tuesday was fun because we decided to visit our recent converts and menos ativos (less actives). These are amazing people who have gone through amazing things! There is a man who used to be one of the richest pessoas (people) here in the city but somehow he lost his farm so he is now one of the poorest. BUT he is great! He works his tail off collecting used things in the city to resell to support his family. It's a difficult life but he is doing just fine. I helped him take a lot of electronics apart to get the copper out to sell. He is always telling us about how his son WILL go on a mission so that he can learn what the world is like and so that he can help other people.

Wednesday we went to teach the girlfriend of one of the young men in the Ward, Aléxia. She is fantastic and we can tell that she isn't just doing this to please her boyfriend. She accepted all the lessons and has no problems with any of the commandants! She was baptized on Saturday and on Sunday she was confirmed! It was awesome! She was definitely ready and she is doing super well. I love it when we find people like that to teach, it really helps us to stay encouraged and happy.

Thursday was awesome! We had lunch with Bispo and the night before his wife said we could choose whatever we wanted to eat and my only request was Pavé! I LOVE IT! I ate half a pan by myself! I felt so fat afterward but we never get to have it so I decided to take advantage of the situation! Then we had to go and deal with the Realtor again so that we could start the contract on our new house. It will be a lot closer to the chapel and to our area. I am super excited about that. The contract should be done this week and we will move in! I feel like my parents right now (we are buying a new house).

Friday we had a zone conference in a city called Dourados. It only takes 2 hours to get there so we left in the morning! I love that because then we don't need to sleep at someone else's house. Anyways the conference was awesome. My companion and I spoke and we learned a lot from the others that spoke! THEN LUNCH. At lunch I grabbed a bunch of food and sat down and started to eat when my companion said,"Elder Laws! Stop eating, there's beans in that!" I looked at my plate at the farofa (ask Asa what that is) and it was full of beans! I didn't even notice because I was so hungry! So I said a quick prayer, took the rest of the beans off my plate, and kept eating. Well it didn't hit me until our bus arrived back here in Ponta Porã. I got off the bus, sat down and just sat there dying of nausea and pain until our ride got there to take us home. Then I just sat in the seat with my head down trying not to throw up! I told my companion that when we got home he was to open the door in ten seconds because I was just going to leave the car, take off my suit, get in the bathroom and throw up. And that's EXACTLY what happened. I felt SO much better afterward though! When I came out of the bathroom I said,"And that gentlemen is why I can't eat beans. Questions?" (everyone doubts that I am actually allergic to beans)

Saturday was our baptism and happily everything went well! We are super happy with Aléxia!

2 Nephi 4:16-22

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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