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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week #67


Random Thought: Elder Maughan woke me up this morning by shoving a hard boiled egg in my mouth!

Well this week was fantastic! Let me tell you why.

Transfers: I will be staying in Ponta Porã with Elder Maughan for another 6 weeks!!!! We work very well together and we love our zone!

Last Monday we went to play catch (baseball) and basketball with a couple of the Elders in our zone! It was a bit hot but it was really fun! I almost died though because Elder Maughan throws the ball so hard. One time he threw it at my leg and I had a bruise for a week!

Wednesday was probably the most discouraging day of my entire mission! We did contacts almost the whole day and NOT ONE person said yes. Everyone was too busy or said no. BUT I tried to not let it get me down. I was just super tired when I got home. It was also very rainy that day. Some days are very hard.

Sexta (Friday) was great! We contacted some less active members that the Bishop gave us and they are really cool! One of them is Felix. We learned that he was the first person to be baptized in this city! He was the first branch president as well. It's very interesting that he is not very active now. He has this huge library with a ton of really old church books too. He is just a really interesting old guy. He is also hard of hearing so it's funny to teach him because we have to yell. Ha,"SO WILL YOU COME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY!?!?" It was fun and then we left a message and he felt the spirit and cried. He went to church on Sunday! I think we we see more of him now.

Saturday and Sunday I had two really spiritual experiences. On Saturday we were at the house of some recent converts to leave a message I decided to tell them why I was on a mission! I told them that before the mission there were three main reasons. One, because my Dad and brother went and I wanted to be like them and do was they did for people. Two, because my patriarchal blessing said I would. Three, because my girlfriend told my at that time that she would not marry someone who wasn't a returned missionary. Everyone laughs when I get to that part. But I told them that that changed after a while and that now it's because I have tasted of the sweetness of Christ's atonement for us. I know what it feels like to be forgiven and I want EVERYONE else to feel that feeling! Very spiritual!

Sunday I bore my testimony, probably the shortest of my life, but by far the most spiritual! I got up in front of everyone and said,"Brothers and Sisters (cue crying)....................Christ's atonement is real,.................................. and it's the reason I'm here...................................................In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

So for all of you, Christ's atonement is real, and it's the reason I'm here.

Alma 5:14

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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