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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week #66


Random Thought: Whenever we get on the computer Elder Maughan is always on my left side.

Well it was a good week! We had a ton of lessons with the members and we are super happy about that! Our plan is to get the ward members excited to work with the missionaries when we ask. So far it's working and the stake president is very happy with our work.

This week some members asked if we could teach their kids and that there would also be two non member girls who wanted to take the lessons as well. So we started teaching them and all four of the kids we are teaching will be baptized together! We are super excited about it and we can't wait!

So this week it rained A LOT! During one day we were walking and there was a low point in the road we couldn't pass. So we tried to jump and ended up getting our shoes and feet all wet! So after that we didn't even care we just walked right through the ankle deep puddles no problem. At the end of the day we were only dry from mid thigh and up. When I took off my shoes and socks I found that my socks dyed my feet black! That was four days ago and my feet are still black! It kinda scared my companion when he saw it!

Other than that the best part of the week was DEFINITELY conference! There are a bunch of people in the ward who speak English so they had a room set up just to watch it in English! Ha even the Brazilians said it's way better in English because it's the speakers actual voices.

Favorite talks were by Elders Uchtdorf, Holland and L. Tom Perry!

If there is something I have learned this conference it is this. That the Lord is a lot more ready to forgive us than we are to repent. ESPECIALLY when we are willingly repentant! Sometimes repenting looks scary. We think,"What's going to happen? What will the bishop say? How will my family react? Will there be disciplinary action?" Well the answers to these questions really don't matter! The real question should be,"Do I have enough faith in Jesus Christ to trust in him and his atonement?" If the answer to this question is yes then nothing else should matter!

He is at the door. Will you open it?

D&C 19

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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