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Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #71


 Random Thought: I slept really well last night!

SO this week we had a lot of rejection! Like a lot! Out of like 70 people we talked to and actually invited to read or to pray or to go to church only 27 accepted us. So what does that mean?? It means we are working and doing what the Lord expects of us! Isn't that great?! (You do your best and hang the rest)

So on Monday night we got home and I realized that our power was out! After talking with the finance secretary and much investigation we figured out that it was shut off because the september bill wasn't paid and that we hadn't even received that particular bill. SO he paid the bill BUT they wouldn't come until the next day. So that was a very hot night without a fan.

Thursday was so cool. The day before, we were talking about how we could unite ourselves as a zone and help each other out. So an Elder suggested that we do something called "Blitz". He explained that the ENTIRE zone goes to one area and does contacts just to help the Elders in that area! So Thursday we put the idea into practice. We all went to the more isolated area and all together we were able to get 83 contacts just for those Elders! It was really fun and I got sunburned a lot because it was hot that day but it was worth it.

Thursday night we were invited to help some of the young members to cut up fruit for the dance that was going to happen Friday night! All the missionaries showed up to help, but it took a while for everything to be ready so we could get started and as a zone we had planned to eat pizza together to celebrate two Elder's birthdays. So all the Elders left. Only Elder Maughan and I decided to stay. So we didn't get even get close to done. The next day we were invited to do an ALL day service project helping them get the church ready in time for the dance. There was not a moment where we weren't doing something! It was pretty tiring but really fun. I felt like I was back helping my parents again with the Stake dance. Anyway, we got done a little before 8:00pm which is when the dance started! Then we left. It would have been cool to stay and watch the dance.

Also this week we started teaching a young woman named Anna. She is super excited about the church and she speaks English fluently! We found out that she learned by herself at home and that we are the first people she has talked to in English! It was really cool! We already have her Baptism marked!

D&C 106:7-8

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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