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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week #68


Random Thought: This is a joke I heard from a brazilian,"There was a dog that ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran andranandranandranandranandran and fell...

So first I want to tell you what I am most excited about. Priscila. She is not a member and is married to a member who has been inactive for a long time now but now they have a daughter who is three years old. They got to talking about their daughters future and how they wanted her to grow up with values and principles what they want her to learn. Fabio, the husband, talked to Priscilla about the church and so we have been teaching her this whole week. She always says she's going to have questions but when we get done with each lesson she says that she doesn't have them anymore. On wednesday I went there with one of the assistants on a division and we taught about the gospel and how it's essential to be baptized by someone who has authority. So at the end I looked at her and said,"SO we have been talking a lot about baptism...Priscila, do you want to be baptized?" She said,"Elder Laws, I want to be baptized!" BEST WORDS EVER! She will be baptized this saturday!

Another fun thing this week was cleaning out the library at the church. The second counselor of the ward was looking for something and turned and looked at me and said,"Elder Laws can you clean and organize the library this week? I'm tired of asking the members and no one doing it." Oh did I ever cleaned it. Elder Maughan and I spent 4 hours on thursday taking EVERYTHING out, organizing and putting it back in an orderly way. I was also told that anything old we could throw away. We decided to make it fun seeing who could rip through the biggest books or stack of paper. Good times.

Really that's about it. Other than that we have a pretty normal week. So I want to tell you all something random. While being here I have discovered a certain snack that I LOVE. I tried it a few weeks ago and since then I eat it every time I can. I LOVE CHICKEN HEART SPITS (kabobs). I think they are way better than even the burgers! 

Anyway I love you all! Pray for me!

D&C 90:24

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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