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Monday, July 23, 2012

Week #3

(This was last weeks letter but we were at a family reunion and I couldn't get to my email to forward it to you)


This week FLEW! Let me explain. Every week on Wednesday we get new American missionaries and for the first week they all wear blue dots on their badges. So today we got another group and I thought no way more blue dots already!? They are awesome though!

My Brazilian and Chilean roommates left yesterday and that was a huge bummer! They only have to stay in the CTM for three weeks because they already know the language. We got so close and I am really going to miss them! Its all good though because they are going to Cuiaba also and we will see each other again!

Cuiaba...EVERY time we tell Brazilians that we are going to Cuiaba the first thing out of their mouths is,"ai! Muito quente!" (ah very hot!) it makes me nervous because I struggle with heat but I know that I was called there for a reason and with the Lords help I will forget myself and get to work! (right dad?)

As I was leaving sacrament meeting on Sunday, the sister who was playing the piano stopped me and asked if i had an older brother in Manaus! Crazy right!? Turns out that she is going to Manaus had been following Asa's blog all along! She loved his blog and she said it helped her be more comfortable coming on a mission.

My district is awesome and we are getting really close. In our classroom we made a "quote wall" for all the dumb things we say. Only one elder has his quotes up there and we all give him a hard time about it but he's a big guy and loves joking around!

The language is still coming along! We aren't fluent by any means, but we know enough to talk to Brazilians here if they slow down there speech! Sorry for the short letter this week, not much happened. Tell everyone at the reunion Hi from me.

I love my mission, I love the CTM, I love my district, and I love the Lord!

Com amor,
Elder Roman Laws

Mom- My mail box is 25 and my district is 26-A. OH! guess what! in my district there is a certain Elder Bertha. He was in the same ward as Randy and Caroline Johnson and totally knows them! Tell them!

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