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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week #7 - "So when you text, is it in portuguese...or...wow never-mind."


Great week! First this morning we went to the Campinas temple because the Sao Paulo temple is under renovation! It was a bit further but we made it and it is now my favorite temple! While we were there we talked with a man about Cuiaba and so far this is what I hear: Its HOT, WAY HOT, also that outside the city is all farm and and cattle land and there are cowboys! OH and apparently that's where the nicest people in Brazil live! SO EXCITED!! Cuiaba is a fairly new city and its one of the biggest in Brazil. It only has 33 meeting houses in the the 3 combined states so we are going to be doing some serious WORK! The best!

SEW, (punny haha) last week one of the elders, Elder Alex Dahlstrom was trying to iron a Brazil patch to his backpack because he thought it was and iron on. It wasn't so I offered to sew it on for him! Once I was done, he showed his roommates and immediately other elders came to ask for help with a bunch of sewing stuff! Anyways I now spend my nights helping and sewing. I've done a ton of buttons, 8-9 pant leg seems, and 3-4 suit coats! Oh and mom I have a confession...I know how to hem pants by hand...I've known for a while, but your sewing machine is faster and that's why I ask you! Anyway, I've also hemmed 2 pairs of pants for people in our district! SEW MUCH! hahaha. It's fun and I love talking with other elders while I do it!

Two Sundays ago we were told that people who have been here more than six weeks have to give their sacrament talks in Portuguese! Holy cow! So naturally I spoke last sunday! It was a great experience! My Portuguese wasn't perfect but I think I got the point across and I know I had some divine help! I loved it!

Yesterday we had a devotional and the main speaker was Elder Carlos Augusto Godoy of the first quorum of the seventy! It was hands down one of the best and most inspirational talks I have ever heard! There was just so much information in that one hour and it was incredible! Oh and I went and shook his hand afterward! He is really in-tune with the spirit and it was very inspiring to see the love he has for us even though he hasn't met us personally! He told us to read Moroni 8:1-3 and use our name instead of Moroni's and to pretend like our parents wrote it! I felt so much love I almost started crying! Great Stuff!

Other than that not much else happened! Only two more weeks in here and then I get to start the real deal! I cannot tell you how excited I am to get out and serve! Those people in Cuiaba don't even know whats coming! They don't EVEN know!

Alma 29:9

Com muito Amor!
Elder Roman Laws

Mom: read the scripture in my letter! Also I love you so much its crazy! This is seriously the best ever and I'm trying hard to make you and dad proud!

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