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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week #5


"So on a scale of 9-10, wait I mean 10-9, I mean...never-mind..." (keep in mind that these quotes are coming from an elder that is 250lbs of muscle!)

Holy cow these weeks are going by so fast! It's crazy! I was told if you work hard that the time goes faster and that is so true!

So a little bit about my new calling! I am the assistant to the branch president, not assistant branch president (I hope you got my Office pun). Basically what this means is that instead of serving just 8 people in my district, I now serve and help 3- 4 districts! Also I am kind of like a ward executive secretary. I ask for volunteers and assign who does the songs and prayers in sacrament meeting! I think it is way fun!

This week we were informed that we will have two new teachers because of schedule changes. It was a bummer at first because we have become very close to these people. All is well though! One of our new teachers is hilarious! When she teaches and some one is talking she tells us to jump out the window! Its probably not as funny to all you back home but its way funny coming from this tiny Brazilian lady!

While talking with one of the senior elders we realized that my district is now the oldest in the branch! Its crazy cause we've only been here for 5 weeks! We still feel young and that there is so much to learn but at the same time we are trying to be the best examples we can be! The newest district came just before I got on to email and all I have to say is WELCOME ELDER REEVES (friend from back home in the same stake and same high school)! It's great having friends here from home! Elder Ammon Hayden came a few weeks ago (friend from Wilsonville, OR) and Elder Addison Reeves! I'm pretty sure he is in my district too!

I'm sorry about using so many missionary terms like "district" if you want to understand it better please ask my family. They would love to tell you about it!

We have about an hour of gym time a day here. We play basketball, volley ball, there's a weight room and a even a track! So I am very excited to say I have lost 11 lbs since I have been here!!! I guess it helps that I am allergic to beans and that's all they eat here, but I'm still excited! I'm going to have to get creative about what to eat.

I feel like my letters are too short but really we do about the same thing every single day and there wasn't much that went on this week, but I hope you all are loving life! I testify to all those reading this that the God the Father lives and that his son Jesus Christ lives! I have felt his love very powerfully while being here and there is no doubt in my mind that they love me and that they love each of you personally!

Matt. chapter 5 verse 44.

Com muito amao,
Elder Roman Laws

Mom - please send tons more letters (or missionties letter) from the fam and have the extended fam write handwritten letters! Letters make the world go round! You all mean the world to me! OH and please have my friends write me as well!

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