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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week #8 - "Now we all have the giggles!"



Alright so last week on Thursday my companion and I went to the dermatologist for my head! The office is downtown in this little mall thing and to use the elevator we had to show them our ID. We didn't have it so the instructor with us told us to show them our lunch cards! So we pulled them out and gave them to the people at the desk. They asked if this was really ID and the instructor with us said yes and that the number at the bottom was our ID number and they ACCEPTED it! It was crazy! There is no way that would fly in the US! Anyway we got the the Derm office and after sitting there for about 45 min I got called in to talk with the Dr. I come out and my companion is full on giving the first lesson to a lady in the waiting room! I wish I could of jumped in but she was right after me and had to go back to see the Dr! My companion said that she was soaking it in! Great stuff!

We taxi to get there and a taxi to get back. On the way back the driver asked (in Portuguese) what we were doing in Brazil! So our instructor told him we were here to serve and teach people about the gospel of Jesus Christ for two years! He seemed impressed and asked what the message was so the instructor told US to share it! It was so fun! We straight up taught the first lesson AND the plan of salvation on the cab ride home! I gave him a Book of Mormon and Elder John gave him two pamphlets and we invited him to read and pray about them! He said he would!!!! I love this!!

OK! Then on Monday we went proselyting around the CTM! We had six Books of Mormon to give out and six pamphlets!! We gave all the Books of Mormon to people and three of the pamphlets!! It was so exciting!!! The first guy we gave one to was sitting in a little park that was on a hill so we walked up and started talking to him in Portuguese and he said,"Do you prefer English?" so of course we said yes and we talked with him in English! Turns out he is part of this black magic church but we taught him and gave him a pamphlet and he really wanted to read! Next we talked with some kids while they were walking home from school! This too was all in Portuguese. They were pretty cool and one of them already had a Book of Mormon so we gave the other two 1 copy each! The next one we gave to a man sitting on a doorstep! He seemed interested a little and then he saw that Elder John was holding a book. He literally grabbed it out of his hands and said "que isso?" or "whats this" and we started telling him about it!! He started looking through it and I showed him Moroni's promise and he started reading it WHILE we were talking to him! It was so great! He really wanted to learn and asked how so we told him to call the number which is on a sticker at the front of the book. He said he would and thanked us! I LOVE THIS!!

I leave for the field next Tuesday and I couldn't be more excited! At first I was a little nervous but this is what I am supposed to do and I know the Lord will help me! I'm a little nervous about the heat still though. As far as the language goes I can understand about 75% of what is said to me in the CTM and about 50% outside the CTM and I can say enough to communicate! I cant wait to learn more!!

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers!

Com muito amor,
Elder Laws

Phillipians 2:2-3

mom: please buy me a Book of Mormon case to match my bible one that you sent a few weeks ago and have them send it to the mission home!

family: I love you and miss you so much! Read your scriptures its a commandment!

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