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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week #27


Random Thought: I learned how to do a rubiks cube on Christmas day. Sweet!

Alright! I've got two weeks of stuff to cover! (week #26 was Christmas week and no letter that week because I skyped with my family instead)

First, Transfers!!! Everything is staying the same for the Elders in my area! Haha Elder Bresciano will stay my companion!!! I am super happy about that because we'vebeen doing great work!

Two weeks ago was kind of hectic. We had a mission conference for all the areas in the south of the mission so we had to travel to the main city here in the south calledCampo Grande. It was so much fun!! We stayed in our Zone Leaders house for the week and during our off time L learned how to play that monopoly deal game that Asa talked about already and it is so much fun! We will be playing that when I get home. Also I helped teach some of the other Elders how to play the game Settlers ofCatan! We had a good time at that house. The conference was super cool as well and its always fun to see all of the other missionaries! We had skits and food and talks from the President and his assistants! I have a bunch of pictures to send if I could get my email to work right!

There were also a bunch of meetings for my companion to attend because he is the district leader so I got to do a ton of divisions while I was there! They were all with an Elder named Elder Sehn! He is a Brazilian that came into the field with me and he is super cool! The first night we were doing divisions we started walking away from his house and after about 15 minutes of talking and walking I looked over at him and said,"Elder where's your tie?!" Ha, the expression on his face was priceless! He could not believe that he had actually forgot his tie at home! Luckily we were going to a members house so he asked to borrow a tie while we were there. The second day of divisions I did with him, he took me to a members house that is at the very top of this fifteen floor apartment building! So we got to go out on the roof and take pictures! I was scared to death about how high I was up and there was a ton of wind but it was awesome! We a took a bunch of pictures and again i'll see what I can do about getting them home.

Baptisms! Alright there's good and bad news. First we have three more baptisms marked for this Sunday! We are super excited about it! It's the rest of a family that we baptized a few weeks back so now the whole family will be members together! The bad news is that José, a man that we baptized two weeks ago, decided to run away before being confirmed and is drinking again. So now we are trying to find him so that we can work with him but we have no clue where he is! Please pray for him! We have been working a lot with him and we wanted him to continue progressing!

OH! A story from about two weeks ago! My Elder Bresciano and I took a young man who is going to get baptized with us to teach some of his family. Well as we were walking back to his house to drop him off at night we saw this drunk guy stop in the road. He was kind of crying and asked us for help, so we asked him why he needed help and he said that he was without Jesus. So I reached in my bag and pulled out a pass-a-long card with a picture of Jesus on it and said,"well now you have Jesus! When can we pass by your house to talk more with you when you´re not drunk?" So we got his address and went to shake his hand but he pulled each of us in for a hug and then gave each of us a huge kiss right on the ear! It was so funny! I LOVE MY MISSION!

Christmas was fantastic! I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH! It was great to talk to everyone and to actually see your faces! AND SARAH! Thank you so much for being there! It was just a perfect Christmas!!!

New Years Eve we had a cool experience where we were talking about how its cool when get to hitchhike (we do that a lot) because its a cool way to do contacts and right as we got done talking about it a car pulled up asked if we were missionaries and then offered us a ride! He was super cool and invited us back to his house!

I love you all!

Exodus 4:10-11

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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