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Monday, January 14, 2013

Week #29


Random Thought: Americans like exotic fruits like Passion Fruit or Star Fruit, but a lot of the people here like exotic fruits like apples.

Alright there really isn't much to tell this week but here we go!

Tuesday we went about our day as normal until about 6:00pm. We went with a member to contact a reference she gave us and when we arrived there we clapped our hands (that's the way they do doorbells here) a lady came out and after talking to her for a bit we found out that we were at the wrong house and that the house we wanted was actually right next door. So we went there and clapped our hands! No one was home...So we turned to leave and the lady we wanted to talk to was right there in the road walking toward us! Coincidence that she arrived about the same time as us? I think not! She invited us in and we found out that she had heard that we can give healing blessings and wanted one from us! So she called all her family over from the house next door and we gave her a blessing for the sick. It was really cool and we really felt the spirit! We stayed afterward and talked about how we are Americans and they asked a ton about what we are doing here in the middle of Brazil and why! It's the best when people do that. It really opens up the teaching opportunities. Then came the question EVERYONE asks,"Both of you have the name 'Elder'"? Ha we said yes. Then the next question is always,"Are you brothers?" So my companion said,"Twins!" This lady is kind of old and she doesn't see very well, so she said,"Well how marvelous!!" Haha we all started laughing and then told her we were kidding but it was really funny!

Wednesday we were KIDNAPPED!!! Ha kidding. We went to a members house and we were planning a Family Home Evening. Then all of the sudden she said,"Let's do it tonight!" So she grabbed her husband and we all hopped in the car and we went around all day inviting people to this family night we were planning. It was a little annoying at first because it was taking so much of our time but the family night ended up being a huge success! We had popcorn and cake and Passion Fruit Juice! A member gave a great lesson and all of the investigators had a great time.

The rest of the week wasn't very exciting until Saturday. We knew that the APs of the south and one of the mission presidents counselors was coming but they ended up coming really late and because of a lot of miscommunication we ended up doing very little on Saturday. When the counselor and the APs finally arrived we all went to the church to have a fireside. Well again because of a lot of miscommunication almost no one knew and only about 5 people showed up! So President Oliveira (the second counselor) rescheduled everything for the next day after church.
So Sunday we had church as normal and then after, we had two baptisms!!! WOO HOO! It was two kids from a part member family. Their little brother was there too and so as we are getting ready for the baptism the little brother, Claudeir (6 years old) comes up to me and says,"Can I be baptized too?" Well since he is only six I told him that he can but that he needs to wait until he is eight. He was really sad about this and walked away. We started the baptismal meeting and as we were walking to the baptismal font I realized that Claudeir wasn't with us! So I went through the chapel looking for him and I found him behind an open door crying! :´(
So I calmed him down and talked with him about Prophets and baptism. He cheered up and then we went and watched the baptism together, him in my arms.
The fireside that night was GREAT and it really got the members excited! It was announced that the branch is no longer a part of a stake but now it's part of the mission! Its going to help the progress so much!
Please read this scripture!
Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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