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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week #30


Random Thought: I want birthday cake.

Good week as usual! Monday we were in a bigger city called Campo Grande again because we had a conference with the zone on Tuesday. So after emailing on Monday, about half the zone (including me) went paint-balling for p-day! Nope it isn't against the rules to do that here! Cool right? We played for a couple of hours before we were finally done and it was a ton of fun! Elder Bresciano and I decided to stick together after the first round and it turns out we are a fantastic team! One of of us would look forward and one would look backward the entire time so we just dominated! Then we went home and played Monopoly deal.

Tuesday was the zone conference! I love having those because the trainings are really helpful and we get to see more missionaries than just the four in our district! The training was all about how we need to go forth with confidence and not be afraid to open our mouths. Also that we need to change our attitudes constantly for the positive. If you think you will have baptisms, then you will! It´s as easy as that! Our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions! Zone meetings are great!

Wednesday we got home right before lunch so we just went straight to the members house! When I was sitting there eating I had two weird realizations. One, more or less I have eaten food every day of my life, and two, I´m really sick of eating! Ha don't worry I wont go anorexic or anything its just that all I do I walk, teach, and eat!

After lunch we went home to drop all our stuff of at home and plan. We had been talking about getting haircuts for a while but we've been too busy to actually do it. So we made it the first thing on our list to do. We heard of a place that does it for 5 Reis (2.5 dollars) so we decided to try it out! When we got there someone was already getting there hair cut and when he was done there was this awkward pause of "who will go first?" So Elder Bresciano being the nice person he is says,"You can go first." Well I thought up a sneaky little plan in my head and said,"No that's fine, you can." The plan was to let him get the 2 dollar haircut first and see how good it was, then I would ask the barber to do the same or change it a little if he didn't do a very good job! The guy did a great job and I just got the same haircut! To be fair I told my companion the little plan I had after-wards.

Thursday was interesting! We went throughout the day as normal until about 5:00pm. We were in the middle of teaching a lesson when a bunch of people from another church just started showing up to the house! It was basically a repeat of Thanksgiving but with a different church! They all showed up and asked us to join their little church service! So we did! Almost everything their speaker said fell in with the beliefs of our church and it was really fun! We had marked for a dinner with a member after that so we headed straight over. We ate.....Cow foot soup with Pique! Now I'm usually not one for weird foods but the cow foot was actually pretty good! They took the hoof off so at least it didn't look like a foot. Pique is a fruit here. Think of a small yellow golf ball with a million tiny spikes inside ready to prick your tongue.that's pique. You have to scrape the outside of it with your teeth to eat it. if you bite into it all those little spikes go into your tongue and mouth and you have to have a doctor take them out because they are too small! It turns out I don't like the flavor of pique.

Sunday we were supposed to have a baptism but our investigator didn't show up so we are going to have to find out what happened. Also because the branch is part of the mission now we Elders are allowed to have official callings in the branch. One of the other Elders here was called to be the young men's first counselor! I will probably get called to something next week! That night we also had a great Family Home Evening! A bunch of different members showed up and even some non members! We all sat down and then instantly I was covered in a blanket of children! Literally! I had two on my lap, two holding each arm and two at my feet! If 93 degree weather wasn't hot enough...add all their body heat as well, ha but I loved it and the Sisters from the branch kept looking over, pointing and laughing.

3 Nephi 15:9

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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