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Monday, January 28, 2013

Week #31


Random Thought: Cockroaches are fast!

What an eventful week! Last Monday I decided to screen the window in our room. I made a frame out of wood to fit tightly in the window and then I bought screen and wrapped it tightly around the frame and nailed it to the frame. It turned out really great and there's been A LOT less mosquito's. I'm doing three more windows in the house today! I guess I was one mosquito too late putting it in though because I picked up Dengue! For those of you who don't know what Dengue is, its a virus you can get from mosquito's that makes your head, stomach, and bones hurt BAD! I can honestly say it was the worst I have felt in my life! Luckily it passed fast and I'm all good now!

Wednesday we planned out a great day and went to it since I was feeling a lot better! We had a few appointments then went to one of our recent converts to have a little lesson with them. When we arrived there the dad was at work and the mom had Dengue so she was down and out, and the little 6, 8 , and 9 year old kids were using a machete to try and open coconuts!! So naturally Elder Bresciano and I stepped in to help them out! So when you open a coconut you have to get all the fibrous wood off the outside and then you can make a hole and get the water out and then break it open. Well as I was chopping at the outside of the coconut my super super dull machete decided to hit the coconut and then bounce and slam back down on my thumb! Mom I am totally ok...but I cut off my thumb above the first knuckle. Just kidding! I cut above the nail. Just the tip. I thought it was super deep at first but when we got to the doctor we found out that I basically potato peeled the skin off the tip of my thumb. I didn't even need stitches and it's almost healed now! Super lucky!
Thursday we finally had a normal day and had a wonderful teaching experience! We went to the house of someone we contacted a while back and when we got there she said she had to shower and go to work but that we could talk to her parents. So we sat down and just started having a nice conversation about who we are and what we are doing here, then that lead into us teaching a few principles! As we were winding down the lesson this lady looked at me and asked,"How do you say 'Deus' in your language?" I told her "God" and she thought it was a beautiful way to say His name. Then she told us that she thinks what we are doing is amazing and beautiful and that under God, Christ and the Prophets that she thinks we are some of the best people that exist because we do this work. Now I'm not so sure I agree with her but it was nice to hear that rather than "The Mormons" that worship Joseph Smith.

Friday we had RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! For about a week our room had been 94 degrees each night, but it rained and made everything better! Its super hot today though so I will probably be sleeping in the heat tonight again. Just to give you an idea, almost every day gets up to 105 degrees and 90ish at night. A cold night is 84.  I was just so thankful for the rain I started just dancing for like five minutes! THE BEST!
That night we went to a wedding that the other Elders organized and it was wonderful! It opened up a door for that family to all get baptized together!

Saturday we had divisions and one of our appointments was a little old lady of about 70 years. We talked for a long time and figured out that her husband of about 50 years is leaving her and that her kids are as well because she has some pretty bad kidney problems. I WAS MAD. But she is reading the Book of Mormon and wants to go to church! We asked her what she was searching for in religion and God and she just said, "Peace". So we are working hard with her now and I sent the Relief Society over there because she so lonely! I hope that everything will work out with her.

Sunday we had lunch with a member and received a call while we were there to go to one of our investigators that lives at the furthest point in our area! So of course we went! When we first started walking we were stopped by a guy who was alone at a bar drinking soda. We talked a lot and he asked where the church was so that he can go next Sunday! He was super impressed that Americans would leave their comfy home to serve a mission at "the end of the world" haha. A lot of people say they will go to church and don't but for some reason I believed this guy. Then we left and walked to our appointment and the rest. When we got home my legs were DEAD. The most tired they have been on the mission. My companion and I looked at the map and decided that we walked around 18 miles that day! Way to work! 

I love you all and I am loving my mission so much! Yeah its hard sometimes but those are the moments I think, "I've got two years to serve and then I've got eternity to think about what I did."

Exodus 34:6-7

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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