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Monday, February 18, 2013

Week #34


Random Thought: Cookies!!!!!!!!!

So....WOAH! What a week!

This week was fantastic! I left Aquidauana on Monday and made the 12 hour trip back up to Cuiabá during the night which is awesome because I just slept the whole way there! I guess President is smart or something. So I arrived in my area on Tuesday and went straight to lunch. I like lunch. Then we went to the house! This house is WAY bigger than my last house and because it isn't in the swamp it isn't as hot here so I sleep just great! Then they spent the day showing me the area and the members and our investigators so it was pretty cool. This area is super poor but its super awesome too! My companion is Elder Underwood and he is a little weird but only just as weird as me! We are both from Washington (He is from Kirkland) so I guess it makes sense. He is great! ALL we do is work and think and talk about our investigators! We got out of a first lesson one time and he said,"I like them...I gonna baptize them!" Ha it was super funny and I just loved the attitude!

Now this is weird. I have never been a district leader in the field before and we didn't have a training until Friday! So for the first part of the week I just learned from my companion who used to be a district leader. It was just weird. Then Tuesday night I got a call from the zone leaders! They asked if I could give a training the next day at our zone/district meeting! I just said,"yeah no problem". So after I got off the phone I just started planning the training about "Thoughts and how they effect our actions and, in turn, our missionary work"! I love getting up in front of people to speak now! The mission does weird things to ya! Ya know? The rest of the day was just work work work! I love working too.

Wednesday was Valentines in the US but not here so nothing big happened...EXCEPT that one of our investigators, Ingrid, received an answer and decided to get baptized!! WOOO!!! The way she told us was funny too! We were just talking and then we asked how she felt and her phone started ringing. She just said,"oh I am going to be baptized!" and then answered the phone! So we just start freaking out with excitement and we couldn't even talk to her! haha she finally got off the phoneand we talked about how she felt that it was right and that she also decided to because she wants to go to the temple!

On Friday I finally got trained by the presidents and the assistants on how to be a district leader! I feel like I know what I am doing now! Its no longer a guessing game! Isn't that fantastic?? Our president is the best ever and I am sooooo glad he is my president! I learn so much from him and I know he is being inspired.

The other Elders in the district are Elder Maughan and Elder Batista! Elder Maughan is from Florida and Elder Batista is from Rio de Janeiro. On Saturday I did a division with Elder Maughan and we figured out that we have basically lived the same life as each other but on opposite sides of the country! He even has a girlfriend named Sara! Its weird how similar our lives are. He is super cool and we have a ton of fun in the house. We have already had a nerf fight and we are planning a little prank for his companion because his companion is pretty new on the mission (new guy, it's what you do right?). This Transfer is going to be great!

Sunday each companionship had a baptism and we made a goal that between our district we want to have baptisms each week and everyone is in on it!

This is the best!

Mosiah 13:1-3

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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