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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week #35


Holy cow! So much too tell! I will start from the beginning of the week.

Monday we went and played baseball in the park and a few boys showed up and just started watching us as we played. So I looked over and said,"wanna play?" and they joined us. They actually played really well for never playing in there lives. We continued through p-day as normal played a few games and got to know each other.

Tuesday was a very special day. VERY special! I was having interviews with everyone in my district and right before I started with the second one I received a call from the assistant to the president.

"Elder Laws?"
"You are being transferred tomorrow at 7:00 at night. The President wants you to call him right now for more details, ok?"
"Ok...why? I've only been here a week?"
"Just call President."

So I call President Reber.

"Hello President this is Elder Laws"
"Oh good morning Elder Laws! How are you?"
"Good, I was told to call you about my transfer. President I just want to know whats going on??"
"Well you are being transferred to Vilhena in Rondonia. Whats going to happen is we are giving our part of that state to the Brazil, Manaus Mission. So I want you to go up there this week to learn the area so that next week when your brother gets there you can show him the area!"
"Hahaha alright calm down so I can tell you a little more......."

HOLY COW!!!! I AM GOING TO BE COMPANIONS WITH MY BROTHER FOR A WEEK ON MY MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot say how excited I am!

So the rest of Tuesday I worked as normal and packed my bags so the I wouldn't have to do so the next day! I left Wednesday night and slept another 12 hours until I got there in the morning. I got off the bus and walked around a wall and sat down on the other side and just waited for the Elders to come pick me up. I waited for about an hour before deciding to walk around and as I turned to go sit back down the Elders here came up and said hi. We found out that we had been waiting for each other for about an hour because they got there right as I went to the other side of the wall! Ridiculous.

My companion here is Elder T. Nascimento! He was in the CTM with me and it was super cool to see him again and actually talk to him fluently! We have just been working our tails off so that we can have a bunch of investigators with the Manaus missionaries! Its a little weird how many people here speak English. The branch presidents son speaks without an accent and we have found a few investigators that do as well! Its really cool. i just got off the phone with Asa and President Klein and we have lots of work to do this week while Asa is here. I can't believe this is happening!! We have the best mission presidents in the whole world to make this happen for us. Asa will be here tomorrow!

There's not really anything else to tell! I am just so excited to serve with my brother!!! Can you believe this is happening?? We are so very blessed!! We will send lots of pictures next week!!

D&C 31

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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