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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week #50


Random Thought: Avocado with sugar is good.

Great week!! Nothing too exciting until Wednesday! We had another baptism! The other two Elders baptized little Joice. She is eight and I had the privilege of interviewing her. She is super quiet and shy but she knows all about what the Elders taught her. The baptism wasn't anything fancy or big but there was a great spirit there.

Thursday was pretty normal and we went back to that old man again. I FINALLY learned his real name! I have just been calling him Casquinha this whole time because it's a nic name he's had his whole life. He got the name because when he was younger he worked on a farm and one time when he and his buddies went to get ice cream they all got milkshakes and he just asked for a small ice cream cone or "Casquinha". Anyway, his real name is Valdomir! We went to his house again to talk again and he is reading the bible a lot. He still didn't give a definite answer as of then. Please continue to pray for him.

Friday was divisions with the zone leaders! I love our zone leaders. They are good guys and it's always a lot of fun doing divisions with them. I decided to take Elder Fernadez with me to Valdomir again and we talked a lot about baptism again. This time he said that he is getting closer to an answer and that he thinks it will be "yes". It was a great lesson and then as we were leaving he needed to use a little machine that pumps medicine and air into a little mask for him to breathe. After he stopped, he had a lot of trouble breathing so he asked for a blessing. We gave him one and then said goodbye and left. I didn't know until Sunday when his son told us, but the rest of that afternoon he had trouble breathing, but the day after he had ZERO problems and breathed just fine. I love miracles . :)

Sunday was fantastic! A lot of people came to church! Priesthood quorum was a little weird though. There is a man here who is very intelligent, speaks a few languages, studies science and such. Well it was his turn to teach and the lesson was about tithing, but because he knows so much about history and the way tithing and the church and the world works, we ended up having a lesson on Marxism! Really weird.

After church Elton received the Aaronic Priesthood!! I helped ordain him and I felt the spirit so strong when it happened!! Happy Fathers Day Dad! I miss you!!

Moroni 1:2-3 (Put your name in place of Moroni)

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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