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Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #78


Random Thought: I have a 25 hour bus ride ahead of me.

Transfers: I have been transferred to a city called Sorriso where I will be Zone leader with Elder Pinheiro. It is 879 miles north of the current city that I am in. That is why the bus ride will take 25 hours. I have only met my new companion once so I'll give you more details about him later.

Well this week was pretty great!! President was really generous this year and gave us new years day off! So we got the entire zone together to have a barbecue and to do the secret santa we didn't get to do for Christmas. It was super fun and really brought our zone together. We also played soccer for a good chunk of the day and I really enjoyed myself this time. I thought I play really bad but this time I had a few of the Brazilian Elders compliment my playing. It was cool.

Also I saw the pictures of my family with and the awesome Nunes family from where I am serving now! It was so cool and it really made me happy. They brought me a package from my mom and I loved it! She sent me a book call Gethsemane. I read it in three hours it was so good!!! I learned so much and I really want to try and have a more intimate relationship with my Savior now.

One thing that stuck with me from the book is that in Marks account, the Savior was "sore amazed" at what he felt in the garden. The author went on to talk about how the atonement was so powerful and eternal that it made a living God feel the feeling of surprise. He had never before felt the effects of sin and now he was but not just the sins of one person but for all that ever have and will live! What a concept. I plan to reread the book on my long bus ride!

Other than that it was a normal week and we had a great time.

Mark 14:33

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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