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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #79


Random Thought: My bathroom is VERY clean.

Transfers: I am now in a city called Sorriso with Elder Pinheiro.

So I didn't DO much this week but there is a long story to tell.

I left my last city, Ponta Porã, last Monday at 2:30pm and arrived in Campo Grande at 9:00pm (6.5 hours). When we got to Campo Grande I went to get my passage for the next bus and he said,"I'm sorry it was booked for 8:30pm, you've missed your bus." So I called the office and had my passage rebooked for 2:00pm the next day! I stayed in a nearby missionary house that night.

The next day I got on the bus at 2:00pm and had a long bus ride to Cuiabá! I arrived there at 2:00am on Wednesday. Yes it took 12 hours!When I arrived the Taxi driver had no idea how to get to the mission home where I was going, so during the drive we had to call the secretaries and ask. Even after asking it was a struggle to get there. When I got out of the Taxi I handed the driver 17 reais (6 dollars) which was the price we agreed on and he said,"No this was a big struggle for me, you have to pay 30 reais (14 dollars). Lame. So I paid but I got re-imbursed later.

President Reber scheduled a meeting for all the Zone leaders on Friday so the secretaries told me that I would be staying in Cuiabá all of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, because it didn't make sense to pay to send me up to my area, 10 hours away and then back to Cuiaba again. So I spent Wednesday with the assistants and Thursday with President Reber. I helped them as much as I could but still ended up doing a whole lot of nothing. Okay, I guess I got to observe and learn. I just don't like being too idle. Then on Friday we finally had our meeting and then we left to go to our area. We left at 4:00pm and didn't get here until 2:00am on Saturday morning.

We spent Saturday teaching and meeting members and then Sunday was church! Also Sunday night we had a fireside done by the missionaries. President Reber had already told me a lot about the area so I knew what I should say in my part. After the fireside a brother came up to me and said,"Elder thank you for being direct. We need that here." He really liked the meeting and the spirit was strong.

Today I woke up and cleaned the bathroom in my new apartment, so well I think I even heard it say,"Thank you, I haven't been this clean...ever." My eyes are still burning from the bleach. (a little lesson I learned from Nelli's mission)

3 Nephi 27:27

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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