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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #80


Random Thought: I hate it when I eat beans.

So it was a fantastic week! On Monday after getting off the computer we went to the grocery store and got a bunch of food and left. As we were leaving it started raining and then after about five minutes it started pouring! So we ran to the nearest building which happened to be the court house. We waited inside for about 20 min until the rain stopped and then kept going. I was already soaked though. Tuesday was a decision day! I decided to run everyday for at least half an hour. So far I have been doing it and I'm super excited.

Wednesday we had our zone meeting! The Elders and Sisters have to come from two other cities to get here. We focused a lot on not getting discouraged because the areas in this zone are a bit hard on the missionaries. We have four branches in three cities and because the missionaries are isolated they tend to look at the situation of the branch and get dicouraged. So we are trying to help with that.

We also had another wonderful adventure with the power in our house this week! I was studying in the morning and the power company showed up at our house. I looked at my companion and said,"I think they are going to shut off the power!" He got up and went to talk to them and it turns out that the October bill was never paid. So we went two days without power before it got paid and turned on. We planned in candle light and showered in candle light. It was fun except no fans at night, so it was hard to sleep.

On Saturday we went to have lunch at a less active family's house and I accidentally ate beans. So I spent the whole day at home on my bed and in the bathroom. This time I didn't throw up but I think it might have been worse. I wish I had just got them out of my stomach faster!

Sunday was fantastic! I gave a talk! I love to give talks now. We EVEN had a family of investigators go to church! I was so happy! The members were really great too! They were all over the family when they arrived and really made them feel welcome. We were really excited.

That's all for this week! I love you SO much and more than that!

2 Nephi 4:15

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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