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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #84


Random Thought: I have a blanket!

Transfers: Out of the 4 missionaries here I will be the only one staying. I will receive my new companion at 2 in the morning and two more missionaries will come tomorrow and Wednesday.

So this week was not very rushed at all. Monday was a normal P-day but this time I was happy because we cleaned the house! I REALLY like a clean house. Wednesday my companion was sick so we went home for him to rest and get better. At the end of the day we went to a few appointments that we had already marked and ended the day well.

Friday we had the baptismal interviews of Iara, Iago and Igor! All three passed perfectly and were super excited to see how ready they were to be baptized. Saturday came and we spent the day cleaning the baptismal font and getting everything ready for the baptism at 5:00pm. When they arrived at the church we were super excited to see them! Then Neusa (their mom) pulled us to the side and said,"Hey, we have a problem. Igor said he doesn't want to be baptized." So we pulled him into a different room and talked with him about baptism, the Holy Spirit and a few other things and he accepted to be baptized. So we went ahead with the meeting. They were baptized and onSunday received the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday was great! It was the end of day light savings here...and we forgot. We were supposed to go to the church at 07:30 but we got there at 06:30 instead and we were wondering why no one was there. The branch president walked in at 07:30 and said,"Forgot about day light savings Elders?" Then it hit us.

After church a couple in the branch came up to us. Brother Nelson and Sister Rosana (they use first names here). They take care of the houses of the other Elders. They said,"Elders. I have a question. Is your house as bad as those other houses?" My companion has been there already and said,"Absolutely not. I even told them to clean before you went there!" She went on to tell us about how she was shocked and disappointed with them and how she is going to stay on top of them now. Brother Nelson just said,"It was really bad. It will take 2 p-days to clean it! It just made me wanna.......eat lunch!" Ha, he is a really funny guy.

The mission has now assigned couples to help take care of the houses of the missionaries. Really that means that all the houses will stay clean now! WOO!

That's all folks!

Moses 1 :39

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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