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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #81 - (Jan 27th - sorry it's out of order)


Random Thought: I ate an entire melon by myself last night.

This week was a bit rushed! But that is my life now. Tuesday was a great day, Just a lot of work and contacts and lessons and normal missionary stuff.

Wednesday we got on a bus at 1:30pm to go to Cuiabá for yet another conference! Due to a bunch of unforeseen complications we didn't get there until 2:00am! Then we walked to the secretaries house to sleep the night there. The next day we went to the conference and it was great! President Reber always has a new change in the mission that he introduces at these conferences.

This time he talked a lot about how we are treating each other. He received a lot of letter from the greenies talking about how the other missionaries were giving them flak for stuff they say or do. Example: President received a letter that said when a missionary got into his first area the other missionaries in the house asked,"Are you a righteous missionary? Or are you chill and like to have fun?" So we talked a lot about this.Then we got on a bus at 6:00pm and didn't get home until 3:00am. It was very tiring, the travel, but it was fun!

Friday we worked as normal and Saturday we did divisions with the members! Let me explain. The members here have gone through a lot. The area hit rock bottom before I got here and now it is starting to get better. After the visits we all went back to the church to do a little feedback session. I was so happy to see how it effected them. Then on Sunday because of our efforts we had 20ish more people in the church. We were very blessed.

Saturday I poured a bucket of ice water on my companion in the shower (we don't even have hot water in the shower). So Sunday night while I was using the bathroom Elder Pinheiro poor a bucket on me. It was so cold but way funny.

D&C 121

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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