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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week #82


Random Thought: Miracles are happening.

Well this week was another exhausting week but that's a good thing. So on Monday we talked with the assistants and they wanted to do divisions in their area on Wednesday. So we planned everything and got all our bus passage marked. OnTuesday, as we were getting on the bus, the assistants called and said that we couldn't do divisions because President called a meeting at the last second, BUT that we were still to go to Cuiabá to attend the meeting so that we wouldn't waste the money paid on our passage. So all of Tuesday we were on the bus. We got to Cuiabá and walked to the office and then went with the assistants to eat pizza and then to their house where we slept the night.

Wednesday we got up and went through the normal routine and went to lunch. One of the assistants, Elder Rolim, wasn't feeling well so he didn't eat. It was a good lunch and we left a message and then left to catch a bus to go to the mission office for our meeting. When we got to the bus stop, Elder Rolim didn't sit down and wait for the bus but went over to a trash can. Our bus arrived but as we were going to get on Elder Rolim started throwing up! So we had to wait about another 10-15 minutes and help him (I gave him tic tacs). Then we waited for the next bus and went.

The meeting was about learning English! Ha it only lasted about an hour! Since the assistants couldn't do divisions because of Elder Rolim we had permission from President to stay in the office until we left. So we went and got McDonalds and waited there until l hour bus came.

Our bus left at 10:00pm and we were traveling to a city called Lucas do Rio Verde. That's where the sisters in our zone work and we were going there to have our district meeting. The bus was supposed to get there at about 6:00am and we would just have to walk to the church and wait. Well the bus decided to be faster this time and got there at 3:30am!! So we decided to do this. Got to the sisters house and grab the keys to the church, go back to the bus station and shower, then go to the church and sleep there. So we did!! When we got to the church we lined up chairs to make a bed and slept there. That afternoon we finally came back to Sorriso and got to work again.

Sunday was the best! We have a family that we are teaching that are awesome! Unfortunately on two of them could go to church. It was great and we had 64 people at church! (Normal was 35). Then as we were taking these kids back home, the member that was giving a ride asked if they were baptized. They said no. He then asked if they wanted to and they said yes!!! BEST WORDS EVER!!!!!!! The branch is really getting into the rhythm of the work and we are all excited and ready to go!

3 Nephi 19:35-36

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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