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Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #83


Random Thought: Se pedir truco, É 6!!!!

So this week was full! Lots of great stuff. Not much happened other than teaching this week but we had some GREAT spiritual experiences. There are three main investigators right now and each one has a story.

I will start with Raisa. She is 18 and very into a different religion. BUT she is extremely nice and receptive. One of the things I asked her to do in the first visit is to keep her heart open to what we would teach. So we have taught her three times now and we still aren't sure what to think.

She prayed about the Book of Mormon and received an answer that it's true. So we explained that with that knowledge all other aspects of our messages are true. But then we invited her to be baptized and she said,"But I was already baptized." So we explained more about authority and invited her again! She gave the same answer. So my companion and I looked at each other and he said,"Alright, let me be a little more direct because I think that you still aren't quite understanding. You were baptized, but the man who baptized you doesn't have authority." She stopped and with a confused look on her face said,"What do you mean?" Ha my companion was a bit frustrated so I cut in and explained.

I said, "Look at my companion's tie. What color is it?'
She said, "Green."
I replied, "Ok, now is there another truth? Is there any other true answer than green?"
She said, "No."
I said, "Is this truth different to me or to you or to any other person?"
She said, "No to everyone it is green."
I responded with , "So automatically any other answer is not truth?"
She answered, "Yes."
My final response was, "It is the same with the gospel and with authority from the Lord. There is one gospel, one authority, and one truth. You just said that you believe The Book of Mormon to be true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. If you believe that then you have to believe that Jesus Christ restored authority through Joseph. Which means there is ONE true authority, and ONE church where it is found."

She understood but is still having a very hard time accepting, but in that moment I felt the Spirit talking through me.

Second there is Igor (15), Iago(14), and Iara (11). We found them a few weeks ago just clapping at their gate. THEY ARE ELECT! They have accepted everything we have taught and are really into it. Iara is just a young girl but has started studying The Book of Mormon like I have never seen! Igor and Iago are accepting and living all the commandments! On Sunday they were in the young men's class and the branch president asked,"What do you most want?" He went from boy to boy and Iago said,"To be baptized." Igor said,"To learn more about the gospel." We are super happy with them and their progress.

Third are Rogerio and Maria. They are a couple that isn't married but are VERY interested. When we first showed up at their house Rogerio had a lot of doubts about other churches and authority and such. We taught the first lesson. The next day we went back and they both said that they want to be baptized! He said that while he was thinking about what we had taught he said a silent prayer and asked for a personal answer. That night he had a dream and saw white and heard a voice that said,"My son, this is the truth that was lost." He was excited to share this with us! I just smiled when I heard it.

Other than that just little adventures! I ate cow stomach and last week I ate liver! pictures to come!

Proverbs 25:28

Com muito amor,
Elder Roman Laws

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